No game tonight…

A mixed bag of stuff this time, as I have not managed to get any gaming in over the last week or two due to illness, but all back to normal again now so hopefully will get some gaming in very soon.

Well what do we have this time…. Well my 3D printer has been running for a few evenings now producing some 1:300 Fairmaile B’s for a game a friend is hoping to put on at some point ( I can’t wait )

The detail on the boats is not great as my printer is a low end one but they look good at arm’s length on a gaming table which is all that really matters.

I am printing about 16 of these!

As you can see there are no guns on board, well that’s because my printer has real trouble with tiny detailed bits, but hey that’s not a problem when you can scratch build, which is what my friend has done and I don’t know about you but I think they look excellent.

Because of being ill I never managed to get a game arranged at the club on Monday so I just strolled around and chatted and watched some of the games going on, even though it was a relatively quiet night there was still a few good fun games being played.

Watch out for those buffalo… this was a fun wild west game with Indians, cavalry and buffalo’s!! they were using a home-grown rule set ( not sure of its name! )

Next was an American Civil War game ( I never checked what the rules system was! ) but it looked like the guys were having fun.

Good old GW got a look in as well with a game of Aeronauticus between the Imperium and those horrible Ork’s, the guy’s managed a couple of games which looked good fun, those Ork’s are really nasty if they get close!!

The next game was my first look at the game Mortal Gods which looked really good, this is a game with similar gameplay to Test of Honor which I like so was interested in seeing how this one played, and well it looked good.

The guys were playing with two identical forces and on an open board just to run through the rules so it was a bit of a slog, but I think this is one to watch out for, it has some really nice mechanics.

The last game of the night was a fascinating game of Heroes of Normandy the Tactical Card Game, I have not played yet but have watch it a couple of times now and it seems really good, and as the name suggests there are lots of tactical decision to be made during the turns.

The first game the guys played was a really hard scenario which was based around an attack on Pegasus Bridge and the surrounding area, on first play this seemed to be very hard for the British attacking as all objectives had to be accomplished within three turns!!

They did extend this to four turns by the use of a card during play but victory for the British still seemed unobtainable, well to me it did, but the guys said that they felt like it was possible to achieve the objectives in the time allowed.

The second game was a scenario based on the battle around Villers-Bocage, both games looked like a lot of fun.

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    • Mac

      Hi Phil,
      Everyone playing looked like they were having fun mate.

      When you say 9 years in development does that mean rules writing for 9 years or just thinking about it for 9 years?

      Because I guess that I had thought about writing my rules and scribbling down snippets of rules for at least 20 years or more before I actually decided to sit down and write them.


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