New 3D ship for the fleet..

I have now done another ship for my 3D fleet, this time it is a big one!

Here is the Dreadnought, it comes in at approximately 105mm length x 55mm width x 27mm height, once I get this printed I will check to see if it needs any increase in it’s size.

It has the same feel as the rest of the fleet, blocky and tough looking, this thing is made to take a lot of punishment in battle and will fit in my games of Stars & Lasers perfectly.

Although these are the first ships I have ever attempted to design I think they look ok, ships that may have been built by a heavy industrial planet or colony, no fancy stuff just solid blocky design easy to mass produce.

Below are a couple of pictures of the light cruiser and the frigate / destroyer ( not 100% sure which it is yet! ) these are the only two ships I have had printed out so far, I was very happy with how they turned out.

These are simply base coated and dry-brushed with a dark grey and a light grey just so that the detail can be seen, I will finish painting them hopefully one evening this week.

This will be either the Frigate or the Destroyer once I work out the sizing!
This is the Light Cruiser.

As soon as I get any more ships printed or designed I will post pictures up on here.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    You’re getting an impressive looking fleet there! The dreadnought certainly looks beefy – as it should – and all of them share a utilitarian look, like something a low-tech shipyard might construct.

    How small could the 3D design to print go? You could (theoretically) make small weapon items printed – in say sprues of 3-5 – that could be glued to the base hull designs to create variants to taste. Missile launchers, big gun turrets etc – if they can be done at such a small size – could all be useful across a range of ship designs.

    I know a few small (and not so small) companies do this, Brigade & Studio Bergstrom to name but two.


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      Thanks, I wanted to make them look big and bulky, solid and tough looking… or beefy!!

      I didn’t want the sleek look for these ships, my idea was that they should look like they would be easy to mass produce on some industrial space station / planet, just sections quickly built and welded together.

      3D printed weapons systems could be done, it would all depend on the printer doing the printing, mine couldn’t but a top end filament printer or a resin printer would be able to, just take a look at the detail on some of the 3D printed things on the internet.

      I may try and design a few different ones and get a friend to print them for me, just to see how they look.


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