New 3D Sci-Fi Scenery

Well illness has taken me away from hobby stuff for a while now ( no posts on here for a couple of weeks!! ) but as I have started to get better, I have managed to get in a few hours at my PC over the last couple of days.

And I decided to design some 3D sci-fi scenery to use with my new rules that I have been working on, the rules will cover 6mm, 15mm and 28mm figures, I have some scenery for my 28mm armies and I have a few bits for my 15mm stuff, but I don’t really have much at all for my 6mm figures.

So I decided that it would be 6mm first…

I started off with a simple fuel storage tank of some kind, not 100% sure what would be stored in this but it really doesn’t matter, all I wanted was something that looked like it could possibly store fuel or something similar to be used maybe as an objective in my games.

Once I got the first piece sorted I then thought that I would try and keep all this scenery based around a fuel depot of some sort, so I jotted down a few things that I would need to make a selection of scenery that could be used together for my games.

Next, I went for a double storage tank, this was the same height as the first one but this time not round but two hexagons squashed together, with a few pipes around the outside.

The next thing that I did was to remodel my old pumping station that I did a while back, I changed the righthand end of this piece by removing the two tower things that were there and added a neater round tank with a big pipe, also I added some hexagonal containers that end as well.

This time I added a base to this model as it held it all together a lot better.

Then I wanted some pipes to add around the depot, so I made some straight sections with some small end pieces, with these I did two junction pieces, one as a ‘T’ section and one as an ‘L’ section so that I can lay some pipes all around inside the depot’s walls…  oh yeah I needed some walls!!

So I put together some simple walls, two lots with a selection of different shapes so that I should be able to add walls on some of the terrain bases as I build them and some I can just add to their own small bases to scatter around the depot.

So this is what I have so far, six different files for the fuel depot, all I may add to these is another tank of some sort but this time laying down, this should give a little variety to depot.

With just these bits it makes a nice little piece of scenery which should look good on my gaming table once it is based and painted, but if I print out several of each file it could become a very big depot and should look very impressive on the table.

Here is what the basic prints look like with just one extra single fuel tank added.

Next up is for me is to adjust the scale of these files to fit my 15mm figures so that I can add a fuel depot to my 15mm games.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac – they all look food together, especially when set-up on table (like that final picture)
    But I’m not sure fighting around or in a refinery is good for your health – definitely a case of “be careful where you aim that gatling laser, soldier!”

    Either that or “What was that bright flash on the horizon?” … “Oh .. BP is fighting Esso for control of the pipelines again … ”

    Maybe it’s a water treatment plant instead? Safer that way too …

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      Yeah I get the safety issues!! 🙂
      But this is sci-fi so the fuel could be totally safe if hit by lasers and stuff that goes bang! and only gets volatile when pushed into an engine of some sort… lol to be truthful I hadn’t really thought about fighting around a fuel depot I just wanted scenery.


    • Zac

      Hi Mac
      Glad to hear your feeling better!
      Some very nice buildings their mate.
      I’m thinking that the sci-fi fuel tanks have blown those 10mm dropzone miniatures out of proportions!
      Great work though.
      however personally speaking I couldn’t do 6mm anything!

      • Mac

        Hi Zac,
        Thanks mate, I am feeling a lot better.

        When I wanted to take the photo’s I could find any of my Epic stuff, the only bits I could find were some Dropzone figures that were sitting in a drawer.

        I am getting this stuff ready for the table so once it has been done I will take some more photo’s with my little Space Marines… or maybe a Titan!!

        I honestly don’t play much 6mm any more but I need to playtest the new rules at a few different scales so that’s why I needed a few bits of 6mm terrain to fight around.


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