More WWII German infantry done…

Well I finished twenty-three more WWII German infantry to add to my small amount of German figures already done, this now gives me a good selection of troops with a few options available to me, these are 28mm figures for mainly Bolt Action but I can use them for Chain of Command or even NUTS ( if I knew what I was doing with the rules!! )

So I painted two full ten man squads of infantry, one squad has an NCO two LMG’s and seven riflemen, the other squad has an NCO one LMG one Panzerfaust and seven riflemen.

Group shot of the two squads

I also made up a better Officer for the army as the one I had been using was a horrible figure and I had never liked it, so although the new figure is plastic I don’t think he looks all that bad.

The Officer and his two NCO’s

There have been some good bits with these figures and some bad bits, the good bits are mainly how these have painted up and all have been done over only about four nights, two or three hours a night so I am happy with that.

Although the paint job is really rough and quick the figures don’t look too bad on the table in their units, there are some nice sculpts in this group and a few nice plastics mainly Warlord Grenadiers all of which made up into fairly nice figures…. But I have decided that I really really really don’t like plastics, even though the Grenadiers are nice they are still too fragile for my big clumsy fingers I broke one of the LMG’s while basing the figure!!

But the figures that really have annoyed me during this build have been Warlords plastic basic German infantry, how they can sell those I have no idea, they are awful. ☹

Not only don’t the arms fit right on the bodies some of the positions the arms are in are only possible if the soldier was double jointed at the elbows!!! What was the sculptor thinking of?

And the hands don’t fit right to most of the weapons, oh and those weapons! The rifles are like snooker cues long and thin and ridiculously fragile, I broke one as I was varnishing the figures!!! I need to look at trying to change his weapon at some point so that I can use him.

I except that plastic figures can be fragile but make the weapons a little thicker to give them a chance, I expect the three or four of the thin weapons that these figures have to be broken after a game or two.

Ok enough moaning…

I also found a couple of old figures with a small infantry mortar which were in need of a little paint, so I quickly did those as well to add another option to the army.

Group shot! All the Germans so far

Next on the list for the Germans to paint I guess will be their vehicles, I have a Hanomag Sd.kfz 251/1 and a Hanomag Sd.kfz 251/10 and a Sd.kfz 222 armoured car still to finish off, all of which have been base coated and had a quick wash over them as I needed them on the table for a game a few months back so it shouldn’t take too long to finish them.

So on the whole I am pleased with these figures and how the army is looking, still some work to do but hopefully I can finish these fairly soon.

Then I just need to get a few games with them!

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