More space-stations for Stars & Lasers

Well I had an hour or two spare the other night and it has been a while since I have done anything Stars & Laser related so I had a go at finishing off the last two ( three ) space-stations for stars & Lasers, these are some more of the lovely Firestorm Armada space-stations I got a while back.

Is it two or is it three? you silly old codger!!

Well officially it is two but I saw somewhere on the interweb a while back that someone had not stuck the top section on the Palisade Class Battle Station so that it could be used together or separately and thought this was a great idea as this also allowed you to see the dome in the centre more clearly.

And as two of the silly looking legs for this model were broken it was a good excuse not to use them, I thought it looked stupid with them attached any way!

So I get one big station using both sections and I get one large and one small station if I use them separately, so a win win situation I think.

And then I have the Bastion Class Battle Station which I actually put together wrong before I had realised but hey I think it still looks ok as it is.

This gives me another big station for my games so lots of options.

And when you add the space-dock and the ancillary ships and my other space-stations it makes me want to play some games around these stations as maybe an attack on a big ship building complex or an attack on a lone super space-station that will need all of its defences to survive…

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