More 15mm aliens finished…

Well I spent a few hours the other night painting the rest of my Ground Zero Games Crusty Aliens, and I am very pleased with their finished look, these will be pointed up and used for my games of USE ME 15mm sci-fi rules.

I used the same set of colours as the first unit I did, this meant it was fairly easy to complete the force and get them to match the previous troops.

The force so far consists of an Officer with two aides / escorts.

Four more ten man ( alien ) units, all of the units contain a leader, two heavy weapons and seven rifle armed troops.

Three units of five armoured troops including a leader, two heavy weapons and two rifle armed troops ( although I need to check the rules to work out these units weapons as they are a lot bigger than the normal troops so will probably be different )

And for support I have two indirect infantry support weapons teams.

And two direct infantry support weapons teams.

And finally ( for now! ) I have two units of two armoured walkers, two of which carry a single light vehicle automatic weapon.

While the other two carry two weapons, one light vehicle automatic weapon and one light vehicle cannon.

I still have the two weird beetle looking figures to use as fast infantry support, then all I need to do is try and find one or two vehicles for the force, hopefully these will include some form of tank.

I might even have a go at scratch-building a tank for this force, maybe something with spindly legs rather than wheels / tracks so it looks really alien.

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