I did some 3D printing…

While basing up my 15mm sci-fi figures I have been running my 3D printer in the background, and I have produced a few more pieces for my Test of Honour scenery.

I have already printed a Tori Gate and now I have some Guardian Lion statues, these were really fiddly, the supports that are printed with the model were really hard to remove without breaking the Lions legs off ( which I did on almost all of them!! ) but with the wonders of super glue they are back on and hopefully the joins are not too visible.

As my printer is not one of these all bells and whistles machines it leaves visible lines due to the printing process, but I don’t think it spoils the look of them.

I have also done a Buda statue in three different sizes! The smallest one was as the file came, the next size up is the size I will be using for my village / temple scenery project, and finally the largest one is the size a friend of mine wanted, along side these is a 25mm Samurai figure to give you an idea of size.

I then did some 15mm sci-fi scenery, some barricades one long one and two smaller ones.

Note: there should have been three smaller ones but one of the three came off the plate while it was printing ( it always seems to happens when I leave my room for any reason ) and so looks like this now, probably not useable…

I also found a file for a 25mm pile of tyres and oil drums and rubbish, this will be for my zombie games when it is finished, the detail is not great, but I think once it is painted it should be fine.

Oh, here’s all my 15mm sci-fi figures with sand and small stones added to their bases ready for painting…

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