Discord Server for Little Wargaming Worlds is now live!!!

Yes as the title suggests I now have a Discord server set up as a place to chat about your games of Stars & Lasers, Blood Sweat & Iron or the Last Drifters.

You will find the link for the Discord server at the top of this website under the ‘Community’ menu ( or at the bottom of this post ) just click on the link.

Once there you will be able to chat with other people that play these games, you can share your pictures of your battles and the miniatures that you use and help build a community.

You will also find ‘Feedback’ sections where you can put forward any suggestions you may have for things that you would like to see in the rules in the future.

You can also highlight any issues that you may have with the rules, or ask any rules questions arising from your games.

You will also see an announcement section, this is where you will see all the latest news about any upcoming releases, including things like new scenarios or supplements, or even new rule sets!

The link for the Discord Server is here –


So pop over and tell us about your games.


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  1. Mac

    Hi Zac,

    At the top of the page under ‘Community’ mate, links for the Discord server and the Forum.

    Both are a little empty at the moment but hopefully I will get a few people on there chatting… eventually.


  2. Zac

    Ah found it!
    That’s no good you wanna put it between the search box
    And the free stuff heading
    And make it stand out somehow.

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