Deadly Feline Alien Attack!!!

A deadly feline alien entered the Gameroom Sector and carried out a surprise attack on the colonies spacedock and totally destroyed it, all that was left when the colonists arrived was wreckage everywhere!!

My damn cat knocked the spacedock off of my worktop and every leg broke off and two were in pieces!!

I did know it was fragile, but this was a little bit of a shock, I had strengthened the legs with wire but obviously it wasn’t good enough, the plastic used in the legs is very brittle ( I broke one while fixing it!! )

So from this mess –

I fixed the main body to a stand this time and then fixed some of the legs back but this time with them shorter and under the main body more, also the big base should help a little to protect it.

So this is what I now have, ok it is not as good as it was before but it is still useable I think, I will have to repair some of the paintwork on it but that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

There was no way I could get the legs to go back the way they were before as it proved far too fiddly for me.

I still have two more legs that I could put on it but I am not sure I will bother as I think it looks ok.

I have given orders that if the feline alien is spotted in the Gameroom Sector again, it is to be shot on sight!!

I will also make sure that the spacedock is not on the edge of my work top again ☹

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One Comment

  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Oh dear … I know that feeling all to well, but for me it was a big dog stomping his bigger, hairier paws all over my battlefield! Back then, 20 years ago, I played WW2 in 1/72nd using plastic kits … which didn’t stand up too well to being stomped by an over excited German Shepherd … my poor Pak40 never recovered! 😉

    Now it’s all lead spaceships – they’ve harder to completely destroy, although the bases do snap easily.


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