Day three battle three…

Well it’s day three and so time for game three and this time it is a post-apocalyptic car game, something like the Mad Max films using my new rules.

These are rules that will hopefully be released early next year once all the final checks and the pictures are done.

So for today’s game we have two cars battling it out on a desert track, both cars have been upgraded with all sorts of things like extra weapons and armour and some other systems to help them win.

This will be just a simple two lap race with the winner buying the drinks in the local bar!

The drivers are “Ace” and “Spider” and their upgrades are listed below.

Ace –

Twin linked autoguns on the front with stabilizing mounts

Heavy Stubber mounted in a roof turret

Medium armour mounted on the rear and light armour all round.

Nitrous Oxide Cannister


Suspension Upgrade

Passenger with autogun

Spider –

Twin linked autoguns on the front fitted with Armour Piercing ammunition

Multi-Laser mounted in a roof turret

Medium armour mounted on the rear and light armour all round.

Nitrous Oxide Cannister


Suspension Upgrade

Passenger with sawn-off shotgun

I set the turret weapon on both vehicles to be fired by the passengers and all other vehicle weapons to be controlled by the drivers.

Both drivers agreed they would not use either vehicles weapons until one of them reached the far end of the track for the first time.

Both cars set up on the track and are ready for their race, Ace won the dice roll and got the inside position for the start.

Turn one and both cars screech away from the start position kicking up dust as they sped away.

The passenger in Ace’s car fires his autogun at the side of Spiders car and manages to put one shot through the vehicles armour! Although the vehicles weapons are not to be fired until they reach the far end of the track there is nothing stopping the passengers using their own weapons!!

The passenger in Spiders car didn’t like that and decides to return the favor and pokes his sawn-off out of a slot in the side of the vehicle and fires both barrels at Ace’s car, he smiles with satisfaction as he sees at least one of his shots got through.

Turn two sees Spider hit the switch on the Nirox fuel to try and get a little bit of an early lead in the race and his passenger re-loads his sawn-off shotgun.

Ace is happy to just sit behind Spider for now and turns into the crossover point on this figure eight track a short distance behind Spider’s vehicle.

Turn three both cars accelerate through the crossover with Ace sitting comfortably behind, then just to keep things interesting Spider’s passenger leans out of the car and fires his sawn off back towards Ace but was disappointed as his shots missed completely.

Turn four and Spider powers around the far loop of the track managing to hold his car steady as he went around while his passenger again re-loaded his sawn-off.

Ace continued to follow spider around the corner waiting his time.

Turn five saw both drivers push their cars to the limit trying to get around the corner and around the top of the track.

Turn six and Spider races through the top of the track and fires off one of his oil canisters putting the thick slippery substance on the road behind him, this will be a nasty hazard for any car going through it.

Ace lost a little ground this turn as the back end of his vehicle slipped out a couple of times on the dusty track and caused him to panic brake a couple of times, it is still early in the race so I don’t think he has too much to worry about just yet, anything can happen in the next few minutes.

Turn seven and Ace’s car does really seem to be having a few problems with this dusty track his is not managing to keep things as steady as Spider is at the moment, he does seem to be slipping back slightly at the moment, he needs to hold things together if he wants to win this race.

Turn eight and Spider manages to keep his lead and drops off another cannister of oil at the turn in for the crossover hoping to cause problems for Ace as he comes around.

Ace’s passenger powers up the multi-laser on the roof turret and fires off a shot at the rear of Spiders car as it goes around the corner but misses.

Turn nine and Spider powers through the crossover with Ace still struggling with the dusty track and as both vehicles come into range again their turret weapons fire off at long range with both missing their targets.

Turn ten and Ace finds a burst of speed and gets right in behind Spider and fires off his linked autoguns managing to get one shot through Spiders rear armour, Spider pulls away again and both vehicles again fire their turret weapons and both managing to put some damage on the other drivers car.

Turn eleven and Spider roars around the bottom end turn churning up dust from those rear wheels as he increases his lead slightly.

Once again Ace was having trouble keeping control of his vehicle, he panic braked a couple of times slowing down even more, the track seems to be giving Ace a lot of trouble today.

Turn twelve and again Spider managed to get around the bend at full speed making it all look a little too easy, Ace managed to keep things together better on this part of the bend and decides to use the last of his nitrox boost and powers to within range of Spider allowing the roof mounted multi laser to fire, but his passenger only managed one hit which doesn’t get through the tough armour on the back of Spiders vehicle.

Turn thirteen sees Spider again get around this part of the track without any problems and this time he fires off a canister of smoke to keep Ace from shooting at him as he drives away.

Ace fired widely through the smoke anyway hoping to hit Spider but has no luck.

Turn fourteen and the smoke quickly disperses leaving the track clear.

Ace suddenly finds a little bit of luck and moves right up behind Spider and fires off his autoguns at point blank range being this close allowed all of the hits to punch through Spiders rear armour, one of these shots managed to hit something vital for the engine causing Spider’s vehicle to lose some of it’s top speed!

And before Spider can react Ace’s passenger fires the multi-laser getting two more penetrating hits this time causing Spider to panic brake!!

Spider’s passenger fires the heavy stubber in the turret and punches through Ace’s vehicles front armour giving Spider a chance to pull away from Ace using some of his nitrox boost.

Turn fifteen even with his now damaged engine Spider is managing to keep his lead, Ace is still having trouble with this dusty desert track.

Turn sixteen and Spider moves around the top turn and manages to open up his lead even more.

Ace can’t seem to get back in this race he really doesn’t like this track at all and is struggling on every bend.

Turn seventeen and it all goes horribly wrong for Ace as he loses control totally on the corner and spins coming to a stop… the race is over and he knows it, there is no way to catch Spider now, it looks like he will be buying the drinks tonight for them all.

Well that didn’t go as planned! Ace just did not have any luck with controlling his car as he seemed to struggle on every turn, and then finally losing control on the corner which spun him out and that was it all over.

Spider had ridiculous luck right from the very start, he only activated second twice in the whole race which kept him out in front the whole time.

Spider also kept control of his vehicle for almost all of the race, he had no trouble on the corners at all which made it really hard for Ace to catch him.

Ace activated first only twice in the race, once almost all of his shooting missed, but the second time everything hit and penetrated getting the critical on Spiders engine, at that point I thought it was over for Spider but Ace just couldn’t get back in the race at all.

Even so it was still great nail-biting stuff, it could have gone either way for either driver, a great way to spend a couple of hours.

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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac,

    Looks like Spider had a Happy Christmas! Lovely looking game too – now I really gotta get me some Dinkys and start converting =(

    I hope you had a grand Christmas – I did (more or less) and I hope your New Year is a good one too!


    • Mac

      Thanks Vic,
      And a Merry Christmas to you as well.

      Yeah Christmas was good as I got to play some games!

      The game plays really well ( well I think so, not had much feedback yet so not sure what other people think yet ) it is fast play as always but still gives a good feel to the vehicles.

      Although this was just a simple race it was still a lot of fun, the cars were so different on the track which was really great, one managed all the turns at almost full speed where the other really struggled ( my bad dice rolling ) even though they were almost identical.

      Go on get some cars and convert them it is a lot of fun, I have been digging through my bits box trying to find stuff for my cars as I have about another 12 vehicles waiting to be converted.


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