Crystalline wars: Arcane Battlegrounds

I thought that even though this is a company release I would post about it here so that any people that know me or follow my ramblings on here will get a chance to read about it and hopefully download it and play it when it is released… so here it is the secret project I mentioned in a previous post that I have been working on and having lots of fun playing!!

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So get Ready for a Blast with ‘Crystalline Wars: Arcane Battlegrounds

Before the end of January, we’re hoping to release on a fresh addition to your gaming collection: “Crystalline Wars: Arcane Battlegrounds” – a lite and free tabletop wizard skirmish game inspired by our Crystalline Wars card game that we also plan to release later in the year.

The Setting: Eldronia’s Crystalline Wars

Journey into the mystical world of Eldronia, a realm caught in the throes of the chaotic Crystalline Wars. Here, players will lead bands of wizards, each harnessing the raw power of elemental crystals.

Building Your Team: Strategy and Customisation

In this game each player assembles a small band of wizards, each wielding the power of seven elemental crystals: air, earth, fire, metal, spirit, water, and wood. With a set number of points, you can select wizards, allocate spells, and equip them with items, allowing for diverse strategies and playstyles. There is an assortment of attack, defence, and support spells, and some items, each requiring specific combinations of the seven elemental crystal types to cast. Players can craft their strategies and respond to their opponents’ moves dynamically. The synergy between your choice of spells, items, and elemental crystals is where the true magic of the game lies.

Elemental Mastery: The Core of the Gameplay

At its heart, this game is about strategy and elemental mastery. Each turn, players draw elemental crystal tokens and strategically distribute them among their wizards. This allocation is vital as it enables wizards to cast a variety of spells throughout the game. The need for specific combinations of the seven elemental crystal types for casting spells adds a layer of tactical depth and decision-making.

The Battle Unfolds: No Dice, Just Strategy

The aim of the game is to destroy the opponent’s band of wizards using the spells and items you gave to your wizards before the game started. Each spell has a specific range and inflicts a certain amount of damage to a target wizard or wizards if using an area-of-effect spell. We consciously moved away from combat dice rolls, focusing instead on strategy, decision-making and resource management. You will only need dice (or tiddly-wink type counters) for activation during the turn. 

Print and Play: Your Gateway to Eldronia

The free PDF contains the rules and everything you need to start playing right away (except for scenery). At the back of the PDF, you will find a section for printing, containing the elemental crystal tokens, wizard playing pieces, blank wizard datasheets, some pre-built forces, and optional printable spell cards.

Lite Version with Potential for More

This is currently a lite version of what could become a more expansive game. We’re eager to develop it further, and much of this depends on player feedback and interest. So, your engagement and feedback could shape the future of this game!

Happy Gaming!

The Fyndoria.Games Team

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Well I am excited about this as it is a great tie in to our Crystalline Wars card game, this allows you to play with the wizards on the table-top and fight great magical skirmishes… and guess what no dice!!!! 🎲🎲

That for me is a great bonus as anyone that knows me can tell you I hate dice as I am rubbish when rolling them.

The game is surprisingly tactical, allocating the elements for your wizards to use can be really hard, knowing which spells will be best to use or which spells will be actually needed during a turn can be testing to say the very least, that is of course if you even manage to get the elements that you need to cast the spells!

Well you will be able to see for yourself fairly soon, when it is released download it and print out the stuff at the back of the rules and start playing.

Happy gaming.

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