Club game of the Last Drifters – Street Race!

Well that was fun and I never played!! Watching eight nutters racing their toy cars around a city track shooting each other was hilarious 🤣

I put on a club participation game using the Last Drifters rules last night at the club, eight club members decided that they wanted to see if they survive the craziness… well not all of them did 😢

I as usual planned for a two-lap race, but I think now with hindsight that that may have been a little optimistic with that many drivers, and with that many first-time racers, once you have raced before you very quickly realise that you just have to power round the track as fast as you can pushing your vehicle to the limits risking losing control of your car and then and only then worry about getting into position to shoot the other drivers.

Some drivers decided to stick to a reasonable / safe speed as if they were just driving down to the shops to get some shopping!! It was funny to watch 😊

Note: Well I had intended to take photos and take notes of the race so that I could do a full race report, but it was too much fun and I got caught up in the silliness and the banter and only managed to get photos of the action and sadly only remember a few of the more crazy events. But hopefully the report will still be a good read and gives an idea of how good the race was.

I went for the normal 725 points for the car builds as this still seems like the best points level for the race games in the rules, not enough points to go crazy with the builds but just enough to get a fairly good build for a race.

Some people go for lots of guns and no armour so getting firepower and speed over defence, some people go for defence and speed over firepower, but the vehicles I pointed up for this race had a fairly even build, giving reasonable firepower with fairly good defence and still giving them good speed.

One of the players brought down some of his ruin buildings scenery for the game which I thought looked great on my city mat… seeing all those nice buildings makes me want to make some for my games, sometimes I hate his modelling skills!! 😉

He also brought down a box or two of his incredible vehicles… oh my I hate him even more after seeing them in the flesh, he has done some very impressive conversions, some of which I used in the main rules and I hope to use more in the first supplement I am working on.

I will have a chat with him to see if I can post some pictures of his models on here at some point.

Five on the the track and three more to go and then they will be ready to start the race.

Any way back to the race, eight cars on the track took up a lot of space at the start, I had to give them some extra space for passing on the starting straight or they were all going to end up in a multiple car pile up before they had got very far.

Boss Man working his way through the field.

There were a few very close scraps as they all started to power down towards the first main bend, this always causes problems as it is a little tight and of course it is where they can start to fire their weapons.

There was a lot of jostling for positions and some scary moments when people used their Nitox burners to try and get down the straight as fast as they could, the driver of the yellow car found the racing line early on and took the lead straight from pole position.

Well two or three drivers managed to get through the first corner fairly neatly, but the shooting stated to cause problems for the drivers and very quickly we started to see lots of damaged vehicles, it was quite narrow on the second and third bends so the drivers had to bunch up slightly to get through which did cause a few more problems for them.

Note: I think in future if I have new players in the game I will try and make the track a lot wider to give them a chance to get a feel for how the rules handle driving fast and of course the wider track would make it a lot easier to pass any slower drivers.

The yellow car managed to get a good early lead and went through the first bend with ease making it all look too easy, the rest of the cars started to get in behind the yellow car.

I think the driver of the lovely red racing car ( one of the players own lovely vehicles ) had stopped off at the race track bar for a couple of quick drinks before the race as he didn’t really have the racing line for the bend, he caused chaos for the other drivers that were close behind, Spider had to try and go wide to get around him and the car with the dozer blade had to slow down rather quickly so as not to ram either car.

There was a screech of brakes and the smell of burning rubber as the driver of the green car tried his best to slow down but he had no choice and pushed through hitting both cars as his vehicle squeezed through the very small gap!! All three vehicles took damage.

The green car continued on around the first bend and chased after the leading yellow car dropping spikes onto the road behind him for the following vehicles to try and get around.

The rest of the cars started to bunch up as they came into the bend, while the driver of the red racing car still struggled with the corner!

The two lead cars raced off heading for the last couple of turns of the lap with the yellow car dropping oil behind onto the road to try and make it harder for the green car… at this point I did feel sorry for the driver of the green car, his main turret gun had jammed and he had failed to un-jam it twice now and this turn his front guns had also jammed and he had failed to un-jam them also!

Spider came into the bend and his passenger shot at the green car with his HMG, the green car took more damage and rolled to a stop, the race was sadly over for the driver.

The yellow car continued to power away from the rest of the racers using the last of his Nitrox to streak down the track.

Back at the first bend things were not going well for three drivers, Boss Man found that he didn’t have anywhere to go as he moved into the first bend, so he just put his foot to the floor and decided that it was time to thin out the field of racers, he gripped the wheel and aimed at the blue car smashing into it while accelerating as hard as he could, bits of car flew onto the track as the Boss Mans cars hit the blue car, the blue car spun out and hit the car next to it causing more damage!! The blue car was in a bad way, if he didn’t get out of there he was going to be in real trouble.

All the cars now powered around the bends leaving Boss Man and the blue car, the driver of the blue car was fumbling with the ignition keys frantically trying to start his vehicle when Boss Man hit him again… and another racer was out of this race 😢

Boss man continued on around the corner leaving a smoking wreck behind him.

The car with the spikes came around the corner so fast and had to swerve around from the wrecked vehicle on the track that he had to steer off the track.

A few more of the other racers squeezed past the wrecked vehicle and started to go around and chase the leaders, but time was against them as well as the fact that the yellow car had got so far in front that they called it a night and the race was over…

The yellow car had managed a comfortable win with Spider in second place but he was a long way behind.

I think every one had a good laugh and hopefully they all enjoyed racing around the city track, we did have a fairly long coffee break about half way through and of course there was lots of banter and silliness during the race which meant we ran out of time, maybe next time I will do a wasteland oval track for a faster more open race.

Come on over to my Discord server to chat about your games of the Last Drifters or show us your vehicles or just chat about any of my rules.

You will find the link to my server on the Community tab at the top of the site.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,
    Great looking game – those buildings do look good on your mat.

    For you next race you could have it as the ‘Evil Knievel Cup’ by putting a jump in it (a ramp up, a jump over, and a ramp down the other side) with a table to determine the jump results, factoring in the cars speed, damage, driving skill (or lack thereof) …

    … too slow & and your car falls off the up ramp, oops-splat!
    … too fast & your car overshoots the landing ramp, crunch-bouncy-bouncy … (or pop-pop go your tyres, roll-roll-roll!)
    Roll a 1 … better hope your fire extinguisher is working … Even on a good roll you’ll need a control roll to avoid losing it upon landing …
    Spice things up & make things even more fun by putting a 90 degree turn at the bottom of the landing ramp! 😉

    With the vagaries of dice rolling, any laugh worthy result is possible!

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      The buildings did look really good on the mat, but they just made me realise that I really do need to start making some more of my own.

      “Spice things up & make things even more fun by putting a 90 degree turn at the bottom of the landing ramp! ” you are just wicked!!

      I have thought about doing some sort of jump / ramp but have not put anything down on paper yet, it may be a nice fun addition for a race.


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