City race… the Last Drifters race report

I had a chance of a game over the last couple of nights so I decided to try a race on my new city table, the table is still very much work in progress but it should give an idea of how the finished table will look.

It is a more complicated layout than my normal desert tracks, it gives several layout options just by blocking different roads, these options include a couple of figure-eight variants as well as the normal tracks.

I still need to make some more buildings as I need more for when I use this for my Zombie games! And I also need to make some more scatter scenery and then paint it all, a lot of the scenery I can 3D print, but there will be a few bits that I will need to scratch build.

Back to the race and the drivers are already at the start with their engines running and ready to go, in today’s race we have Reaper, Blade, Ace and Dozer all looking for the victory.

Each car had 680 points to set up, this had to cover the basic cost of the vehicle and then all of the weapons and upgrades.

There was a good selection of weapons and armour between the vehicles, such as HMG, LMG’s, heavy stubber, autoguns, Multi laser and a 20mm light auto cannon.

The armour was just as varied with a couple of vehicles having medium armour on their rear, one with it all round, one with light armour and one with none.

There would be no shooting allowed from any vehicle until they have made it around the first bend, this just gives the drivers a chance to space out a little before the bullets start to fly!

The cars set up on the track with Reaper in pole position with Blade and then Ace and positioned last we have Dozer…

…and they are off on lap one of this two lap race and we see Blade screeching away from the start hitting his Nitrox burner powering down the straight hoping to gain a lead right from the start.

Dozer also hits his Nitrox and chases Blade down the straight heading for the first corner.

Turn two and Dozer makes a move to try and squeeze between Blade and Reaper, but Blade is having none of that and powers away towards the corner holding the inside lane.

Turn three and Blades continues to accelerate into the first bend hoping to get a good lead on this bendy city track, so as the vehicles enter the first corner we have Blade out in front with Reaper in second place just ahead of Dozer with Ace struggling a little in last place, but it is early days and anything can happen.

Turn four and Reaper screeches around the outside of the corner trying to gain a lead on Blade, but Blade puts his foot down hard on the accelerator and somehow manages to get around tight on the inside and gains the corner first and drops off some oil on the track as he starts back on the tarmac road.

Ace seems to be having a bad day and is struggling in last position a long way back, he got held up right at the beginning and just can’t get back in this race at the moment…

Turn five and Blade certainly intends to make the most of his lead and powers through the next sharp bend and dropping more oil on the track behind him.

Blade’s passenger fires his HMG into Dozers vehicle but only causes light damage and he jams the weapon in his excitement.

Dozer’s passenger fires his vehicles multi-laser but is disappointed to see that none of the hits cause any real damage, then Reaper moves alongside Dozer and his passenger fires his heavy stubber at point blank range and punches big holes in the side of Dozer’s vehicle.

Turn six and Blade’s passenger manages to un-jam his HMG and gets it ready to fire at any vehicle that comes close.

Dozer gets the jump on Blade and slips past and gets to the bend before the him and sees how close Blade is behind him and can’t resist dropping a set of mines on the road, they could cause Blade some trouble if he is not careful.

It’s absolute chaos on the bend as Reaper had nowhere to go but into the rear of Blade causing damage to both vehicles, but the shunt pushed Blade onto the mines that dozer had dropped causing more damage and then smashing into the rear of Dozers vehicle causing even more damage to both vehicles, all three vehicles suffered badly from those crazy few seconds, there is pieces of the three vehicles all over the track on that bend now.

Ace finally gets close enough to be part of this race and gets some light damage in the rear of Reaper’s vehicle but manages to jam his 20mm light auto cannon.

Turn seven and Ace’s passenger calmly un-jams the auto cannon and sits back and prepares to fire again.

Ace moves in around the corner and takes aim with his linked LMG’s and takes out Blade, for him the race is over, then Ace’s passenger turns his 20mm auto cannon onto Reaper’s vehicle causing more damage on the already damage vehicle, well what a turn up for the books Ace has come back into this race and has made a big impact, can he take advantage of the other vehicle’s misfortune!

Reaper can’t get past the wreckage on the road and takes some more damage as he drives over it, Dozer isn’t out of this race yet even with all the damage his vehicle has taken, he powers down the track and his passenger fires a parting shot into the front of Reaper’s vehicle, but something crackled and spluttered inside the multi laser and it stops firing, the passenger will have to fix that before it can be fired again.

Reaper’s passenger fires the vehicles heavy stubber and puts a nice hole in the rear of Dozer’s vehicle as it drives away.

Turn eight and Dozer’s passenger found the problem with the multi laser and it is again charged and ready to fire.

Reaper moves around the corner chasing Dozer and manages to get a couple of shots on target but doesn’t manage to do any damage then Reaper’s passenger fires the heavy stubber and gets a couple of hits through Dozers thick rear armour almost causing him to lose control of his vehicle.

Dozer’s passenger keeps his cool and fires the multi laser hitting the front of Reaper’s vehicle doing light damage.

Ace’s passenger goes to fire the vehicles auto cannon but the weapon jams again!! After this race he will have to strip the weapon down and clean it thoroughly.

Turn nine and Ace’s passenger manages to un-jam the heavy stubber getting it ready to fire again.

Ace squeezes between Reaper’s vehicle and an old apartment block and gets in close behind dozer, opening up with his LMG’s he does enough damage to take Dozer out of the race.

As Ace goes past Reaper he is hit by the heavy stubber at point blank range taking some damage from the heavy shells.

Reaper then weaves his way between Dozer’s wreck and Ace’s vehicle but gets hit once in the rear by Ace’s roof mounted auto cannon and again the weapon jams!!

Turn ten and this time Ace’s passenger can’t seem to un-jam the auto cannon, he tells Ace that the big weapon is not ready to fire yet and can tell that Ace is not happy.

But then Ace sees his chance and shouts to his passenger forget the gun and hold onto something!!! And puts his foot down hard on the accelerator, the engine screams! And the vehicle ploughs into the rear of Reaper’s vehicle…

And that’s that, Reaper is out of the race leaving Ace to take the prize.

Well what a race that was, right from the start Ace didn’t have much luck, he spent most of the time in last place struggling to catch up with the other drivers, and then his vehicles auto cannon kept getting jammed ( I rolled so many ones!! ) but after the chaos of the second turn he made his move and took Blade’s vehicle out of the race, he then takes out Dozer who had lead almost from the start, and finally ramming Reaper destroying his vehicle.

This meant that Ace could simply take his time and drive around and take the prize for winning the race.

That was a very brutal race, with its many sharp turns it was very hard for the cars to get around at any great speed which for me made it even more fun and really exciting!

Unlike a longer straighter track which is more about speed this track had a lot of tight twists and turns and the vehicles couldn’t use their speed as easily, they were constantly having to weave in and out around each other trying to get out in front.

All the vehicles had nitrous oxide for the extra boost of speed but because of the tight bends none of the vehicles got any real benefit from it.

The way the roads and tracks are laid out on the mat it is simple to make several layouts, one of which is a longer oval which would be a much faster track and with a little bit more shifting of barriers etc. I can even make a couple of figure eight tracks, so it does give me a few options.

I am very pleased with how the city track has turned out and I can see me having many more fun races on it.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac!

    Great batrep, and that city layout looks really cool. Having played other car games I’ve found it’s often the ‘unlucky’ guy who starts badly who often wins … he gets to avoid the carnage as the others compete, then gets to clear up any remains!

    Nice plan, Ace … hang back, then take out those damaged bangers as they come into range! If theres nobody in the race but you, you win …

    If the city may permits, I’d suggest a long straight down one side, followed by a tight bend (hair pin, ideally) – nitro down the straight then slam on the brakes or slam into the wall … 😉


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      Thanks mate, it was a really fun game and I did enjoy racing around the city track.

      It wasn’t really a plan, Ace just couldn’t get in a position to use his Nitrox and tried his hardest not to ram into the other cars as that normally hurts both cars!

      But when it mattered he was just in the right position at the right time and his shooting ( when his guns were not jammed! ) was great I rolled really well for him.

      I can get a long oval track with two fairly long straights and two tight bends, I can also add two other bends at one end with just a little bit of adjustment… moving scenery / barriers.


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