Centaurus Colony vs Alien Bio-ships

A large Alien bio-ship was spotted entering Centaurus space close to one of their outer colonies. Luckily a large colony fleet was on maneuvers close by so was given orders to intercept the aliens…

The Alien Bio fleet consisted of –

1 x Battleship with Compacted Titanium armour ( the alien equivalent ) a Bio-spitter and full grappling tentacles and crushing claws ( and it was hungry!! )

1 x Light Cruiser

1 x Frigate

2 x Corvettes

3 x Fighter Bomber stands

The Centaurus fleet consisted of –

1 x Battlecruiser

1 x Heavy Cruiser

2 x Destroyers

3 x Frigates

Right from the start the Centaurus fleet came straight at the Bio-ships firing missiles as they came, my ships split left and right to try and miss this initial salvo and hopefully make my opponent split his force to try and get to my ships.

Turn two saw my Corvettes and Light Cruiser do some early damage on one of the Centaurus Destroyers.

It was in a bad way but kept coming forward, one of my Corvettes started to take some damage as well.

Note: I have to point out now that my opponent really knows how to get the most out of his ships and their weapons…

His Destroyer and Frigate launched missiles at my ships which forced me to either take the damage from the incoming missiles and save my PDS for his rocket salvos or use my PDS to take out the missiles with my PDS and take the damage from his rocket salvos…. Both were going to hurt.

So, I decided to try and take out the missiles and hope that I could get out of the way of his rockets…

Well this was the start of some of the worst dice rolling I have had for a very long while, I am known for bad dice rolling but this game I was really bad.

All my PDS missed!! Only needed 10+ to hit, so now these three ships were defenseless against any more missiles and his rocket salvos, this was not looking good.

I manage to get a few shots into his damaged Destroyer and finished it off with my Fighter Bombers, they then moved in on one enemy Frigate and almost took it out, but by the end of the turn my Light Cruiser and one Corvette and over half of my Fighter Bombers were destroyed.

Things were not looking great for my aliens.

Turn three saw my Frigate that was escorting my Battleship move forward and put some shots into the destroyer on the right of the table taking out its shields ready for my Battleship to hit it, but it never saw the end of the turn as the Centaurus Destroyer and the Frigate ripped it apart before my big ship could do anything.

Now my Battleship moved into range of the two ships that had just killed my Frigate and put a lot of damage into them both but couldn’t manage a kill, my remaining bombers did another bombing run but only managed a couple of hits, although it was enough to take out an enemy Frigate.

Turn four saw the Centaurus Heavy Cruiser fly close to my two remaining Fighter Bombers managing to take out one with its PDS, the remaining Fighter flew away to try and hide behind a small asteroid.

The last alien Corvette took several shots from Combat Cannons and spun off dead, that left a very lonely alien Battleship…

My Battleship started to take more damage as the Centaurus ships moved closer, but that was a mistake!! it grappled the Destroyer and ripped it apart and then crippled the Frigate which it decided it was going to rip apart next turn ( it was angry now! )

Turn five and my Battleship moved in to grapple the frigate, it succeeded and ripped the helpless ship to pieces, it also put a lot of shots into the Centaurus Heavy cruiser not enough to kill it but enough to hurt it.

The Centaurus Battlecruiser, Heavy Cruiser and the Frigate started to move closer to the big alien ship, this was going to be close, could the Battleship survive long enough to kill these last three ships, or would they prove too much for it.

Turn six and the Frigate moves into to range and fires its Combat Cannon putting another hole in the heavily damaged armoured shell of the Battleship but gets blown apart by a full broadside as the big alien ship turns to meet the oncoming ships, the Heavy Cruiser takes more damage from the Bio-spitter but still survives.

Turn seven and the Bio-ship is in a bad way but manages to stop three missiles with is PDS, if it can just get to the enemy ships first it may still survive, it will be close but it may just do it…

Well the Battlecruiser does a crazy maneuver it slams into the side of the Heavy Cruiser using its momentum to put it perfectly lined up with the big alien ship to deal the killing blow, and that was that the Centaurus fleet was victorious and managed to survive against the alien ships.

What can I say… that was a really fun game, it was hard fought and had some really memorable moments.

As I said earlier, I had some of my worst dice rolling ever in this game! While I rolled ones on the D3’s for damage my opponent rolled threes which hurt, I even rolled ones on the D20’s which got a few laughs from my opponent… ok me as well.

Leaving myself with no PDS after missing those missiles really hurt, and in the last turn if I had managed to go first with the alien Battleship I think it would have destroyed the Heavy Cruiser and really hurt the Battlecruiser, I think that I would have still lost the game but you never know…

Note: While writing this report I realized that I had taken Compacted Titanium armour for my Battleship and forgot that I had it during the game!!!! although that really hurts as this would have reduced the amount of damage my Battleship had taken, I still think with my dice rolling as bad as it was I still would have lost.

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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac,

    Great looking game! Not so great dice rolling – are your dice on the right pills? Maybe you should execute their trainer … nah! Gordon’s alive! Using one of your own ships to stop another? That’s gutsy – knowing my luck if I tried that both ships would take multiple critical hits and go boom!
    And I quite often forget I’ve got stuff during play and I’ve lost games because of it …

    Vic =D

  2. Mac

    Hi Vic,
    Yeah my dice rolling is always bad and causes a great deal of hilarity at the club, and this game was no exception.

    I was hoping that he would get a couple of critical hits when he rammed his own ship, but no such luck, if they had gone boom it would have been brilliant.

    If I had remembered about the Titanium armour it would have been a different game but as always my brain wasn’t working, but it doesn’t really matter as it was still a fun game.


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