Cars, cars, and more cars…

After seeing a friend’s lovely vehicles for post-apocalyptic games, I decided that I would try and spruce up my old vehicles a little for my games of the Last Drifters, new rules so new paint jobs!!

So I started looking on the internet to see what other people had done with their vehicles.

And I found some lovely work, so after looking at my friend’s vehicles again and those that I had found on the internet I knew that I was going to have trouble getting mine to look like theirs 😢

All I thought I might be able to do was to get mine to look vaguely similar as my lack of painting skill was going to make it hard to achieve the finish I have seen.

Any way it was time to fudge my way through all my vehicles…

All of my vehicles I had previously done were just painted black and had been hit with a few splodges of brown to make them look old / dirty / rusty.

Not great but they were ok for my games, but looking at other peoples vehicles the first thing I noticed was that most of them had some colour showing through the dirt and the rust, this was I guess the vehicles original colour or at least the base coat the modeler had put on.

Now I had a couple of choices, did I strip all the paint from the vehicles, or did I try and make it look like the paint was there underneath all the dirt and rust?

Well I am lazy… 😉 so decided to try and make it look like the paint was already there!

So I started hitting all the vehicles with a mixture of base colours, green / blue / red / white / buff! And concentrated on the prominent edges and then in the recesses, then rubbed off the excess paint with my thumb!!

I then went back over lightly with some brown to put some of the rust / dirt back on and again rubbing the edges again with my thumb.

And last thing I did was to add tiny patches of black to try and blur the areas more and again my trusty thumb was put to work.

And there you have it, my attempt at making my old vehicles look half decent.

The following photo’s are of the finished vehicles.

Lucky’s car gets a new paint job 😉

These next five vehicles will be used as gang vehicles in my games, I have just stuck a skull on their fronts to set them apart from the other vehicles.

I do still need to some more work on this skull at some point as it is a bit plain at the moment, maybe I will add some horns!

After doing all these I then decided to paint some new cars to match.

These were done exactly the same way as the rest, but on a couple I painted some black and yellow stripes and then I did some detail work on some baggage I had added.

I still have a small box of cars that I will be converting for the Last Drifters over the next few weeks and will put up pictures as I do them.

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    • Mac

      I only had a very limited range of weapons for these vehicles, I will try and get some flamethrowers and rockets for the next batch of vehicles, although at the moment there are no rules for flamethrowers!!

      These will hopefully be in the first supplement


  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Flammenwerfer? Oh no … what you every car really needs is a Kwk36 8.8cm L56 … I hear Tigers think it’s great! 😉
    Might be a bit heavy though … so perhaps on a truck.

    Remembering a certain film from way back, you could add simple auto-gyro rules – limit the heights to “low enough to shoot & be shot at” and “too high to shoot or be shot at”, make it fast but with more limited turning/a bigger turn circle & limit the weaponry & armour (no Apache’s here!).

    As for additional weapon, you’ve included limited laser weaponry, but you could add a small particle accelerator type gun – short range (atmospheric friction diffuses the particle bolt quickly), innacurate & limited ‘ammo’ but good AP and great damage + EMP type effect that causes the targets engine to stall if hit.

    Optional defence against laser type weapons could be a ‘prismatic aerosol’ spray system or ‘prismatic paint job’ that scatters & diffuses the beam, making it harder to score a hit.

    And, as a last desperate measure to save your driver when all else has failed … ejector seats!
    “Leaving so soon, Mr Bond? …” 🙂

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      I can always count on you to come up with the weird and wacky stuff!!

      I am making a list of “extras” to add to a future supplement for The Last Drifters so all ideas are welcome mate.
      It is already a fairly big list!

      So get those cars converted mate

  2. Vic

    Yep – weird n wacky just about covers everything right now …
    That which doesn’t kill just makes you … stranger!
    And that gives me a theme for my first car & driver!


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