Captains Log K’T’Raga a free mini campaign for Stars & Lasers.

Well today sees the release of another mini campaign for Stars & Lasers, this time you follow the exploits of a tough Igstrevean battlecruiser as it tries to destroy a pirate spy ring working in and around its colonies.

The battlecruiser K’T’Raga will be fighting against pirates, but even so this great warship will not find it easy and in some scenarios you will be hard pushed to survive.

There are five scenarios in this mini campaign that see the K’T’Raga chase spies and pirates and even escort automated merchant ships, then take on an enemy battlecruiser and finally end in an all out battle between two enemy fleets.

You can fight these scenarios as a complete mini campaign or as stand-alone scenarios, and you can of course fight as either side, whichever way you decide to play them I hope you have fun.

I would like to thank Vic Dobson again for allowing me to convert his wonderful scenarios over to Stars & Lasers, I have tried to keep them as close to the originals as possible.

I hope that you enjoy using these free scenarios, as always these should work in most rule systems with just a little adjustment.

You can download this from wargames vault ––Lasers-mini-campaign


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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    The pleasures all mine & you’re welcome – I enjoy writing them, but it’s also fun to see what other people do to them, and what slant they put on them. Like all gaming stuff, if someone doesn’t like something (or their own miniatures collection doesn’t have that ‘special’ whatever), they change it to what they do like or have.

    I meant to write more scenarios featuring the K’t’Raga but I never quite got down to it – I think I might perhaps look it up in my files a see what it inspires …

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      I hope they inspire you to write more mate as I love playing your scenarios…

      …and also changing them over to Stars & Lasers!! ;O)


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