Blood Sweat & Iron free scenarios No.3

It has been a while but I have now just released another two scenarios for Blood Sweat & Iron.

These two scenarios are both fun to play and hopefully will give players a challenge.

The first scenario we have two forces meeting at a bend in the river, they have no choice but to fight but which force will win… Ironclads or the Timberclads?

This battle is loosely based on an engagement where the inferiority of the timberclad vessels to the ironclad warships became really apparent following the battle, will your battle be any different than history, will the very fragile wooden ships manage to win against the heavily armoured vessels.

And second, we have a tough match up between two Ironclads, which one will destroy the other… oh and will their friends arrive in time to help?

Both of these have again been written for Blood Sweat & Iron but with a little adjustment they should work with your preferred rule system.

You can of course download this PDF from Wargames Vault here ––Iron-No3

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