Any bloggers out there?

For a limited time I am giving away my Stars & Lasers rules to any bloggers out there that would be interested in playing my spaceship combat rules.

You only need to show me that you have a current blog to get a free copy… but if you actually play any games using the rules it would be good to see what you think, a simple review or even a battle report, anything would be great.

If you are interested just send me a link to your blog and an email address so that I can send you the Wargames Vault link to your free copy.

My contact email address is – starsandlasers AT

Or you can leave a comment below.


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    • Mac

      Hi Neil,

      Nice looking blog you have there! lots of great stuff ( looks like I have some reading to do tonight! )

      I will send a link for my rules to your email address, I hope you have fun with them.

      There’s loads of free stuff for them as well, including scenarios etc. which you could use for other rules systems if you find that you don’t like Stars & Lasers.

      Contact me anytime if you have any questions.

      Happy Gaming

    • Mac

      Hi Matt,

      Nice looking blog, more reading for me!!

      I will send you a link to Wargames Vault, I hope you like the rules.


  1. Howdy Mac,

    I’m interested in reading through them. One of our club mates has a bunch of Battlefleet Gothic stuff we could potentially use to play.

    Check out my neglected blog, if you’d like.


    • Mac

      Hi JB,

      Email sent, the Battlefleet Gothic stuff will work for Stars & Lasers I have a friend that uses some of those ships in our games.

      I hope you like them,


  2. Mac

    I have emailed out to a few people today that requested a copy of my Stars & Lasers rules.

    Sorry for the delay.

    Happy Gaming,

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