Another playtest of the new rules.

I ran a game of my new rules last night at the club, four players sat down and didn’t have a clue what to expect… this would be the first time anyone other than me had played the game, so I was a little apprehensive 😱

Well they had got the basics of the rules by the end of turn one!! Which is normal for my rules, but I did worry that these new rules were having to cover a lot more than my other rules and so were getting a little more complicated than I would like, but no they were looking like they are as simple as I wanted them to be.

I have to admit that I did probably go for too many units on the table for their first game, but I did want to give them a lot of different units on the table so that they could see how they all worked, there was four of them so deciding who could do what each turn took a little longer than if it was just one person per side, but having said all that I do think they all had fun.

The Rebels ( the yellow / sandy colour troops ) had a good selection of tanks a couple of transports plus some support units and a few squads of infantry, they were going up against the UEF troops ( the white ones ) again with a good selection of infantry and vehicles plus some Droids!

Here are a few pictures I took during the game, I didn’t have much chance to put together an actual battle report as I was too busy running the game, but it was full on action and hopefully some of the pictures can show that.

I think that all four players understood the basic rules by the end of the first turn, they seemed to like the activation and the general feel of the rules, things like movement, shooting and armour penetration etc.

They learned early on that it is not much fun being part of the infantry during a battle especially when your squad is hit by mortar fire!!!!

Best thing to do is move around quickly in a vehicle then hide in cover, do not stand in the open!

I will be looking at adding one or two extra little rules to help infantry survive a little bit longer, nothing too complicated just make them harder to hit in cover as some of the weapons in the game are basically auto kill for troops if they penetrate their armour.

The Flyers worked well and caused a few problems for the stuff on the ground, they are fast and can be deadly if used correctly.

Some Anti-Aircraft weapons are needed if you want to control enemy flyers.

I did notice a few tiny errors on some unit cards and I noticed one or two little tweaks that I need to do to some of the rules, but thankfully not much at all.

I think a very good first outing for the rules.

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  1. Shaun

    Hi, big fan and user of your stars and lasers system. The group I play with have a reasonable collection of 15mm SciFi – bought originally for Dirtside, then Hammers Slammers and finally Strike legion. However we never really got on with any of those so looking forward to this.

    One question – our infantry are based on fire team sized stands (basically 4/5 figures on a Battlefront sized base. I notice your infantry is singly based. Will our basing cause a problem?

    • Mac

      Hi Shaun,

      Finally a fan of Stars & Lasers!! 😉
      Glad you enjoy using the rules, pop over to our discord server and show us some pictures of your battles, or you can ask questions about any of my rules or get to see any new stuff in the works.
      I for one would love to see pictures of your games.

      The new sci-fi rules will work with any basing, like my other games you mark off wounds / damage on the units cards, you could of course add little markers to show wounds on the base if you wanted to do that.

      My figures are individually based but my Epic 6mm stuff is on little bases and that works as well so it doesn’t really matter how your infantry are based.

      All measuring is done from the centre of the unit to the centre of the target unit so multi-based units would probably make that a little easier.


    • Mac

      Hi Shaun,

      Yes mate, click on the Community tab at the top of this page, that will give you a link to the server.


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