Another day another battle… cars this time.

Two local gangs fight it out…

I fancied playing a bigger game using my car rules and decided that two gangs would meet and discuss the problem of territory the only they way they now how to discuss things… and that is with guns!

This time we see Spider and Lucky join up with three others to fight with a larger local gang, things are going to get messy.

Both forces had around 3,200 points with Spider’s gang going for bigger weapons and turrets and armour while the Skull gang went for more vehicles and some gang motorbikes to back them up.

I have stuck a little skull on each of the opposing gang vehicles so that I can quickly identify the two gangs for this game, at some point I will paint my vehicles so that they fit into different gangs etc. and I will be able to tell them apart easier.

Setup was simple Spider and friends set up one side of the table with the other rival gang setting up the other side of the road, all vehicles started at their full speed.

The Skulls gang including four motorbikes.
Spider’s gang on this side of the table and the Skulls gang can just be seen the other side of the road.

Turn one and Spider’s gang moves straight towards the skulls, but the Skulls split their forces with one group of vehicles turning left and one group turning right, trying to come at Spider’s gang from two sides.

There was some long-range shooting but almost every shot missed or bounced harmlessly off armour.

Turn two saw one of the skull gang bikes roar forward and attack Reaper managing to put a couple of slugs through the vehicles armour, then Wipe Out moves forward and fires at Reaper as well with the vehicles linked heavy stubbers causing more damage.

Reaper powers away from these attackers and moves in towards the Skulls Sandman hitting it with rounds from his heavy stubber.

Then the Skulls Boss Man screeches around the tree by the road kicking up stones and dust and plows into Blades car but somehow Blade manages to hold his car straight but is pushed into Reapers car causing more damage!

Things were starting to look bad for Spider’s gang even this early in the fight.

Ace sees the chance to ram Boss Man and goes for it and hits the Skulls vehicle clean in the rear side spinning the car out of control right into the side of Blades car!! Bits of vehicle fly everywhere in the crash.

The Skulls gang bikes on the far end of the road make their move around the tree and come at Spider with all guns blazing supported by their van but only manage to get one shot through Spiders side armour. Spider then moves onto the road behind two more Skull gang cars and fires his autoguns at them managing to get a hit.

The Skull ganger driving Bye Bye pushed it too much trying to get away from Spider and spun out taking a really tight turn and smashed into one of his gang’s bikers knocking the rider off his motorbike!!

Another gang biker moves in on Ace and puts another couple of rounds through his armour!

Lucky’s passenger gets of some good shooting off with the HMG ripping holes all along Wipe Out’s side.

That was a crazy turn!! More like a destruction derby than a straight up fight between two gangs, and some deadly close-range shooting from both sides. At the end of that turn Spider has two vehicles with shaken gang members, things are not looking great for his gang at the moment.

Turn three and the Skulls Boss Man accelerates away past Ace and his passenger opens up with the MMG at point blank range and hears a clunk as the gun jams, but not before he punched a couple of holes in Ace’s vehicle managing to destroy the vehicles turret mounted HMG.

Lucky sees his chance and rams into Wipe Out causing lots of damage and is pleased to see smoke coming from inside the vehicle! Then Lucky’s passenger fires their HMG into the side of Wipe Outs vehicle and sees all the heavy shells punch through the armour… no one survived that pounding!

Ace pulls away and fires into the side of the Skulls Sandman, but he was not having any luck today all his shots bounced off the vehicles side armour.

Sandman pulls around the tree at this end of the table and fires off his autoguns into the side of Lucky’s vehicle and is satisfied to see some of the shells going through. Reaper moves in to try and hinder the Skulls Slayer and fires off his autoguns and is really annoyed as both guns jam!! Slayer ignores Reaper and drives at full speed into Blades vehicle spinning it around taking it out of the fight.

The gang bikes all headed towards Spider and fired off some long shots and managed to cause enough damage to force Spider and his passenger to keep their heads down!

Reaper was very satisfied with putting three heavy slugs through the rear of Slayers vehicle from his heavy stubber.

The passenger in Aces car has no turret weapon to fire so leans out of the vehicle and fires both barrels of his sawn-off into the front of Slayers big vehicle and manages to force those inside to keep their heads down.

Turn four and Slayer’s passenger tries unsuccessfully to un-jam the vehicles autoguns.

Lucky somehow manages to reverse up and fire everything he had into the front of Sandman’s vehicle, the occupants of Sandman’s vehicle were really shaken up by that as almost all the shots penetrated their front armour!

The driver in Bye Bye accelerated to get out of the way of Spider and managed to get some shots in Spiders vehicle from his pintle mounted MMG, Spider wasn’t expecting that!

But Spider keeps his cool and ignores Bye Bye and puts his foot to the floor screeching around the tree and heads towards Sandman, he smiles as he hits the Nitrox switch and powers into one of the gang bikers throwing the bike and its rider high into the air! He then fires everything his vehicle has into the front of Sandman’s vehicle and is pleased to see several shells punch holes through the vehicles tough armour.

Slayer rams his vehicle into Ace spinning the already badly damaged vehicle into a rock taking it out of the fight, luckily both the driver and the passenger manage to crawl out of the vehicle nursing a few cuts and bruises.

One of the ganger bikers roared towards Lucky and fired off his autogun and all he heard was a click as the mechanism jammed! The two remaining bikers on the other side were doing better they both closed in on Reaper and managed to get off some lucky shots.

Reaper just smiled and aimed his car at the bikers and roared into one of them taking it out of the fight, his passenger then turned the heavy stubber towards the other biker and cut the rider to pieces with the heavy slugs.

The Skulls van moved in close to Spider and opened up with everything it had and put several holes into the side of the vehicle one of them causing a fuel leak… things were not looking good for Spider.

Turn five and Spiders passenger gave up trying to un-jam the vehicles autoguns and loaded his sawn-off.

Spider had to get his vehicle out of the position it was in with enemy gang vehicles all around him so he turned sharply then hit the Nitrox switch and powered away.

But the Skulls van managed to spin the big vehicle around and screeched up behind Spider… oh this was going to be bad!! Spiders passenger managed to get off some shots into the front of the van as it came close but couldn’t stop it, the vans LMG puts the finishing touches to the fight and takes out Spiders vehicle, under the cover of all the smoke Spider manages to slip away.

Seeing this Lucky and Reaper decide to head back to their base picking up Spider on the way…

Well victory goes to the Skull gang this time, but I am sure that Spider and Lucky will be back another time to get their revenge.

Damn that was fun, apart from two Skulls vehicles and Reaper every vehicle was damaged passed half -way and two were down to their last point of damage! It was much closer than it may have appeared.

I was pleased with the way the fight went though, it was a little slow due to the number of vehicles on the table, 15 in total, but still playable in around five and a half hours and that included taking all the photos and writing most of this report between moving vehicles and rolling dice.

Spider’s gang was heavily armed and all his gang’s vehicles had turrets which gave them a slight advantage, but in the end good dice rolling for the Skull gang and their bigger number of vehicles on the table just gave them the edge they needed.

Spiders gang did really miss an awful lot of times even when they were at point blank range, I really do hate dice ☹

Oh well at least Lucky lived up to his name, two or three times he just seemed to get out of trouble and in turn four when he reversed and hit Sandman’s vehicle with a shed load of shots, I thought that was brilliant 😊

Well at least Spider managed to slip out of his burning car and get a lift to safety, he will be back…

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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac,

    Oh dear, poor ol’ Spider … but apart from his bad luck, that looked like it was a lot of fun! Although I’ve not played any car games for a very long time, I don’t recall ever seeing so many vehicles in a car game at any one time – I think the most I ever used was 4 in Dark Future.

    Sadly, everything’s all seized up here (again … dratted virus lockdown) so getting access to my local print shop to get several sets of rules printed is proving both next to impossible =(

    I’m waiting to get a copy of the rules printed so I can try the game properly myself – your ACW Ironclad rules too. I really should get a PDF reader capable tablet or some such, then I wouldn’t be reliant upon printed copies … but I very much prefer a proper rulebook – there’s something about being able to mooch through a book in your own time!

    I also used to rely on my local library for printing but … shut for 10 months now; home printing is hideously expensive (by volume, home printer ink is more pricey than premium champagne!) if done in colour … so it’s all rather frustrating, being forced to bide my time.
    But I suppose it could easily be worse.

    But Dinky’s … them I can get … conversions here I come! 🙂


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      lol yeah poor old spider!! he didn’t have a great day, but again Lucky did live up to his name so many times he survived when he really shouldn’t have.

      Yes there were a lot of vehicles on the table which did make the turns a lot longer than a normal game, but I had plenty of time and I did just want to see how it ran with lots of vehicles.
      And well even with doing all the photo’s and writing the report during the turns the game only lasted just over five hours, which I don’t think was too bad.

      My printer is really the best I have ever had, I have printed hundreds… and hundreds of pages and it still hasn’t run out of ink and the refills bottles are really cheap as well.

      I understand what you mean about having a book and pages in your hand rather than a reader ( although readers are handy when you need to search for a rule )

      I love converting the cars they are great fun, I have another 10 sitting on my top waiting for armour and weapons.


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