An army arrives…

Well three nights of painting and that’s the main bulk of the army done! Ok I still have the bases to paint but that’s just a couple of hours another evening once I decide what else I am going to add.

I find it best to do all the bases in one go so that they all match.

Well the list so far is just over 1,500 points and it consists of the following units and models.

Note: I would just like to point out that most of the stuff in this army are “stand ins” for the actual newer Games Workshop figures and of course some are made by other manufacturers, as I said before this will not be played in any tournaments only against a few friends so it doesn’t matter.

So, I have a Warden King leading this army.

With a Runelord to try and stop some of the enemy magic.

And a Cogsmith if needed to go with any artillery that I use, at the moment I have just done a Flame Cannon to support the army.

For some fast troops and heavy hitters I am using 6 badger riders as Demigryph Knights, I couldn’t find any small shields to add to these figures but once I do I will be adding them.

And for the main solid troops of this army I have done these –

One unit of Hammerers, heavy hitting infantry.

One unit of Iron Breakers with their heavy hammers and shields, a good solid unit for the army.

I have done two units of Quarrellers for some range support.

And two units of Warriors, I love these units as they contain some of my favorite old dwarf models.

Well that’s the Duardin army for now, all painted and ready for basing I now just need to work out what I am going to add to these to take the points up to about 2,000

I have at least another 20 old metal Dwarf’s that I could use as normal Warriors to give me a bigger solid infantry block, I also have 6 more of the badger riders if I want to take the Demigryph unit up to silly levels! 😉

I could also add another unit of Hammerers or just add to the one I already have as I think this unit would be better with more models in it.

I have one cannon almost ready to paint and I have two Rockets Launchers that I can use as the Helstorm Rocket Batteries which I think will cause any enemy a few problems! All I would need to do is find some figures to use as crew.

I would have liked to add a General on some kind of monster but the Dwarfs don’t seem to have one and I have also looked at adding some kind of monster unit to the army but again I don’t really see much that the Dwarfs can use.

The army I have picked uses Dwarfs from the “Order Pitched Battle” lists so I do have a few possibilities for monsters units but I really want to try and keep the army as fully themed as I can.

Well as I add units I will post updates and pictures on here, also I will add any battle reports so you can see how these little guys do in battle.

As you can see from the pictures this army is on square bases!! Shock horror I didn’t use round ones, well no I didn’t and there was a reason for that, mainly I just couldn’t be asked to change all the bases that were already on most of the figures that just seemed like too much hard work, and also I can now use these for Kings of war by placing them onto their movement trays.

So not only can I use these for Age of Sigmar I can also use them for games of Kings of War and even Song of Blades and Heroes and I have also been thinking of using some of them as the band of figures for Rangers of Shadow Deep, so lots of options with this new army.

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