ACW ships finally painted.

Well that has been a horrible couple of weeks! Illness took me away from my hobby stuff which is always annoying, but I am at last starting to feel a little better… well enough to get a small amount of painting done.

This time I have been working on my 3D printed ACW ships ready for games of Blood Sweat & Iron, these four ships turned out fine from the printer but did need a little bit of repairing and cleaning before I could get any paint near them.

So after the repairs were done the ships were stuck on their bases, to this I added the river texture and as always this was done using GW liquid green stuff.

This was a little “wet” this time as it was a fairly new pot, so it did take a little longer than normal as I had to add extra layers to build up the bow wave etc.

But it was still easy to do and I was fairly happy with the effect on the ship’s bases, they should match in well with all my other ships when finished.

USS Monarch
USS Indianola
USS Chillicothe
USS Tuscumbia

After priming black I painted all the wooden areas including the decking ( I did miss one area on the USS Monarch which I went back after and painted ) this was done as normal with Beasty Brown followed by a Buff dry brush and several thin coats of Light Tone.

Then I painted all the white areas with just a basic white, when this was dry, I added a very thin coat of Light Tone, this was just to take away the bright white finish and to pick out some of the details on the roof sections…

Some people I have spoken to do not like the finish that some 3D printers leave on the top surfaces of their printed models, but I find I really like the finish when printing ACW ships, it sometimes looks like planking or ridges in the metal etc. it just adds a nice amount of texture.

Then after covering up a few splashes and brush marks on the black areas I simply dry brushed all the metal areas with Gun Metal.

Well that’s a really nice simple paint job for these four ships, I am not 100% happy with the windows on the side white sections on the USS Indianola they are a little messy, but they will be ok for my games.

Overall I think they have turned out fine and once I get the bases painted they should fit in with all my other ships really nicely.

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    • Mac

      Thanks, I tried other things like milliput and filla, neither work well for me, so I tried Liquid Green Stuff.

      I had a pot sitting around that I had brought to fill some gaps in some horrible Goblins and it seemed to work, easy to push around on the base and make into waves and ripples, although it does work a little better when it has dried out a little… so not too liquid green stuff 😉



    • Mac

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks, I thought mine were ok until I saw yours!! very nice indeed.

      Some lovely ships and great painting.

      I had seen something about the tugs before but it was very confusing, I did know that Tug No.2 was also known as Bazely, and now I know some of the other names!! thanks for that.

      Picket Boats 1 to 6
      No. 2 Tug Boat ( Bazely )
      Alpha through to Zeta!!
      Nope not confused at all 😉
      Why couldn’t they just pick six names and stick with them?


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