A simple job of mine…

Well over the holiday break I had big plans for loads of games and rules writing, but things as always never worked out as I had planned.

I managed to get a few notes down on paper for planned stuff for Stars & Lasers but no real progress with any rules stuff!!

And as for games well I only managed a couple of board games on Christmas Eve with the family, which although was great fun I never actually managed to get any wargaming done at all.

But I did manage to find a couple of hours to make a few bits, which I was very pleased about, I started off with these…

A few round 25mm bases a few lengths of copper wire and some beads… the bases and the wire I had already but I had to buy the beads, they are small round metal beads with an interesting pattern around them, these I brought from eBay for a couple of quid.

So, I cut lots of short lengths of straightened copper wire and stuck a bead on one end of each piece, once that was dry I rolled up some milliput and fixed the wire with the bead to the bases.

Once this had set, I went around and added a tiny drop of super glue to the top of each bead giving a tiny little dome on top, then primed them all black.

Then I hit each bead with a light silver drybrush bringing out all the detail around the edges, I then hit the top of each little dome with some white paint ( with a very shaky hand!! ) and left them to dry.

Once these were all dry I used some red Contrast paint to do the dome on each bead which gave a very simple and nice effect, dark red with the white just showing through in places, these I then hit with a couple of coats of gloss varnish.

The rest of the bead I used a satin varnish to seal them for handling during play.

You can see the finished “mines” below for use in my games of Stars & Lasers, the full rules for these mines will be in the next supplement, all I need to do now is print out some small numbers to put onto the bases so that I can tell which mine is which and they will be ready to use.

I think these will look good on the table in my games, I have been using the printed mines from the rules up until now, but for future games I will be getting these out.

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