A shout out for The Last Drifters books.

Yep there have been a couple of shout outs for The Last Drifters over the last week and a bit which is great, first off Dom from Boots on the Table and the Plastic Crack Podcast mentioned the books on the news section of the latest PCP video ( about 1:16:00 into the video ) thanks Dom.

Then Friday night on OnTheTable ( Beasts of War ) Ben, Justin, Gerry… I think it’s Shae? they talked about The Last Drifters books, they also gave a short overview of the game which was great ( about 51:40  into the video ) they also mention the new company Fyndoria.Games and our up-coming GameFound kickstarter for Crystalline Wars card game.

Gerry has actually brought the book and was showing some of the images / pages from the free PDF which comes with the book.

They have also done some other stuff on their website about the book so a big thank you from me guys… see you at Salute!!

So go check out their channels, not just for the mentions of The Last Drifters, but because they produce some great videos about wargaming and they always have great content.



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