A second playtest and some new bikes…

I printed out some bikers for my new car game as I needed to test their rules and I didn’t have any bikes… well they are awful!! ☹ not the rules the bikes.

My printer is not bad at some things, but these are too small and have nice detail which is where my printer falls over.

There are holes in them which I had to fill and some of their arms are sort of there but very odd shaped or very thin, the wheels are strange shapes as well and parts of the bikes are missing altogether!!!

But I gave them all a very quick paint job with my 2” detail brush and hit them with a bucket load of wash and they don’t look too bad… at about two or three foot away and with your eyes shut 😉

No they are horrible, but they will be fine for my games and as long as I don’t get my camera too close when photo’ing my games.

Well talking about games, below is a battle report of the latest playtest of my new rules using some of the new bikes.

Taking a rest are four drifters with their two cars, they are stopped by the side of one of the old highways, they needed a rest after hours behind the wheel.

All four heard the bike engines before they could see them and had already entered and started their vehicles before the bikes came into view.

There were two on the road with at least two outriders alongside, behind were two gang cars and they were heading straight for the drifters.

The next few minutes were going to be interesting, they were coming from where the drifters wanted to go… could they make it past them and into the next town or would their journey end on a dusty old highway in the middle of know where.

Another playtest of my new game, this time we have two drifter cars heavily upgraded against a couple of gangers with their biker mates.

Could they make it from their rest point to the far end of the table in one piece.

Set up was simple, the two drifters were stationary parked by the road, the two ganger cars were on the road with two bikes in front as escorts with two bikes off road to their left and right.

Turn one saw the bikers tear down the road and, in the desert, both sides followed by the two ganger vehicles, the drifters pulled away spinning their wheels on the dusty road.

Turn two sees some great early shooting from the bikers, they manage to get a few hits in through the front armour of the drifter on the road, but in return he side swipes one of the bikes and rams into another destroying the bike and killing both driver and passenger.

The second drifter hits the sand and turns towards another on-coming biker and rips into it with heavy fire, but the biker somehow holds on.

Turn three the bikes on the right side of the road came around the old abandoned car, one of them taking it a little too fast and spun off and crashed, the rider could be seen brushing the sand off his clothes and standing up his bike.

The second biker ignored his fellow ganger and screamed past and back onto the road behind one of the drifters and opened up with his bike mounted autogun… he managed to get one shot into the rear of the drifters car but also hit another biker and took him out of the fight.

The drifters were now starting to build up their speed and one raced off down the road past the gangers cars and dropped a smoke cannister onto the road behind it trying to protect its rear, the other drifter stayed on the sand next to the road and powered after his friend.

The ganger’s cars sped past them and while one side-swiped a drifter as it past bouncing off the heavier armour the other one spun his vehicle around as quick as he could trying to get back into the action.

Turn four the bikers all turned and set to chase the drifters with one using its greater speed and getting real close but then not being able to get through the tough side armour of the drifter car, another biker raced down the road and fired wildly through the smoke but not being able to hit the vehicle that he knew was there somewhere.

The last biker finally got his bike up and started again and roared off down the road trying to get back in the fight.

One of the ganger cars tried to get around and hit the drifters from the front but he over did it and spun out and came to a stop in a cloud of dust and sat and watched as the drifters fled past.

The second ganger car had to get around some rough ground so had to put in some really tight turns to get back after the drifters he almost over did it but kept his cool and managed to hold his car steady.

The drifters put the pedal to the floor and raced away the second drifter dropping a cannister of its own smoke to try and make it harder for the gangers.

Turn five the bikers again screamed after the drifters and managed to put a few more shots through their armour but still not managing to stop them, the ganger cars were not able to make a difference this turn with all their shots bouncing of the drifters armour.

The drifters were almost past and free of the gangers it didn’t look like anything could stop them now…

Turn six the gangers needed to hit the drifters with everything to try and stop them now, two bikers got right up behind one of the drifters and hit the rear of the fleeing vehicle with everything they had but to no avail, the drifter raced off into the distance and safety.

One of the ganger’s cars powered into the back of the other drifter’s car firing off all its weapons as it did but the drifter was living a charmed life and laughed as he drove off over the ridge and to safety…

Damn that was close! And a lot of fun, I just think that the speed of the drifter’s vehicles beat the gangers in the end, I think that scenario would work better with roadblocks and more ganger vehicles or at least bigger guns!

The gangers did manage to take out half of the hit points from both drifter vehicles and both the drivers and passengers were shaken, but their better armour made it hard for the gangers basic weapons to really hurt them, the gangers did get two critical hits but neither did anything to slow the drifters down or stop them.

Again, like the last game everything worked well, I found one or two tiny adjustments were needed with the smoke and the panic breaking, both seem to be a lot better now.

My dice rolling for the shooting again in this game was terrible, I think that this didn’t help with stopping the drifters, and as I said I think they need slightly bigger weapons next time as well.

Points for the scenario were not great, I think the gangers need a lot more points than they had to make this scenario work, they don’t have a lot of time to stop the drifters in so they must have either more vehicles or much better weapons, but that is something that I can work on.

Anyway, the game was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next playtest, I might play the same scenario again with the adjusted points just to see if the gangers can stop those drifters…

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Another fine bat rep! And those bikes look fine in the photos – if they are a bit dodgy it surely doesn’t show!

    And the bat rep has dragged up memories of a certain Australian actor in a big bonnet car … damn! Now I’m gonna have to get some Dinky’s & wait for the rules …

    Your turn to go bwah-ha-ha-haaa …
    And a fitting revenge it is too! =D


    • Mac

      Bwah-ha-ha-haaa… that felt good! ;O)

      With the filling and the painting done on the bikes they are ok for me to use, but they really are very rough!

      Still sorting out a few errors in the rules at the moment, but hopefully it will not take too long to sort them out.

      I am also working on scenarios / ways to play the game as it will not be stuck to the roads it will be open and playable on any table, so in the city or in the desert or in the wasteland etc. but of course you can still have races or even destruction derby style games!!

      Get buying those old toy cars bwah-ha-ha-haaa…


  2. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac,

    OK – will do …
    So, now could you do me some rules & data cards for a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle? I’m 100% sure I can find a nice model of it on Ebay …

    Yet again I twirl my moustache & cackle evilly … bwah-ha-ha-haaa!


    • Mac

      You, Sir, are a cad and a bounder!!!

      Actually the guys at the club did put on a Captain Scarlet game at Salute a few years ago, with some very big rolling roads!!


      So I might be able to get some ideas for stats for one of the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles from them, would probably work as some sort of Law Enforcement Company Vehicle in my game setting…

      I can’t twirl my moustache though.


    • Mac

      Mutley was a great character always made me laugh :O)

      Not sure if I could do any rules for him though, anyway he would be sniggering at my dice rolls to much for my liking… ;O)


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