A Club Game of the Last Drifters…

Well its has been a long time coming, my first club game in a very long time, so what better game to play than my latest, the Last Drifters, this was the first time my opponent had played the game so I hoped it would be what he expected…

I didn’t get much chance during the game to take many photos or to take notes for a full battle report as not only was this a teaching game, but we both got caught up in the excitement of the battle so just didn’t think about a report :O(

So what follows is just a brief report on what happened in the battle accompanied by a few photos of the game.

My opponent is noted for his modelling skills and has made some incredible car conversions for different car games over the years ( just check out the pictures in the rules!! ) So I was looking forward to seeing some of his lovely vehicles on the table.

He also supplied the mats and the scatter scenery as well which looked lovely for the game, we decided just for the first game that we would just do a simple meet-and-greet style battle rather than trying a scenario of some sort.

And after about ten or so minutes of equipping some vehicles we were ready to start, we had five vehicles each, and the points for the game ended up at about 1,500 per side.

Although to be fair for the first game we just picked a few upgrades and weapons that fit in with the vehicles we had picked out for the game, so I was not 100% sure about the exact points for each side, but I believe they were reasonably close.

I had one van and two cars backed up by two fast bikes, my opponent had three cars and two bikes, all the vehicles had an assortment of weapons and armour.

We went through the picking of items just so I could show how that part of the game worked and I think my opponent found it simple to understand and he seemed to enjoy equipping his vehicles for the coming battle.

So the battle was to take place on the outskirts of a town, there were some ruined buildings and piles of rubble here which meant it was going to be interesting driving at speed having to avoiding buildings and bullets!!

The first turn was a little bit slow while I talked him through the basic options open to the drivers and passengers and how things worked, but it soon started to speed up as he quickly got the hang of the game mechanics.

He soon found that working out when to activate your vehicles and passengers makes for some interesting anxious moments, do you activate the passenger with his weapons so that he can shoot at that close by enemy vehicle? or do you activate the driver so that he can get into a better or possibly safer position and fire his own weapons? or do you activate a different vehicle altogether?

The first turn or two we just settled down to working out where each other’s vehicles were going and working out when to make that move into danger to attack the enemy vehicles, this also gave my opponent a chance to get the feel of how the rules work.

My vehicles split so that I had one car and the two bikes on my right and the remaining car and van on my left, my opponent did a similar split on the other side of the table.

All the vehicles moved forward and tested the enemy with some long shots doing very little damage, then my two bikes roared across the table getting past an enemy car and were ready to get in behind my opponent’s force ( I will get back to those fools later!! )

Over the next couple of turns as vehicles on both sides started to take lots of damage my opponent started to see how deadly the game can be, and how useful it is to give your passengers a gun to use on passing bikes 😎

Oh yeah talking about bikes, my bikes on the far side of the table thought it was about time that they got back around and into the fighting… both of these bikes were travelling at full speed.

So the first bike slammed his brakes on and spun the bike around but lost control and spun off and crashed, so he got up leaving this wrecked bike on the floor and decided it was best if he just limped off to safety away from the fighting.

One bike down and one to go but this one show that he has more skill and manages to get around safely and screeches up to an enemy car firing off a few shots getting a couple of hits.

But in reply two passengers leaned out of the side of the car and fired their shotguns at point blank range!! Almost taking my second bike out of the battle 😖

The next turn showed my opponent the pros and the cons of ramming vehicles in the game, it is always fun lining up your vehicle slamming into the opponent’s vehicle and hoping to do loads of damage to take them out, but the thing with ramming is that if you take two vehicles and smash them into each other at speed both vehicles get damaged!!

This means that often both cars can be taken out of the battle…

But knowing that didn’t stop either of us ramming cars during the game, I rammed into one of my opponent’s bikes on one turn destroying it completely, mainly because it was in my way 😁

So we battled on like this for a couple more turns before we decided that both sides had suffered enough and we shook hands and called it a draw… none of the vehicles would have lasted for much longer.

Well I think my opponent had a good game ( he seemed to have fun ) and hopefully we will get another game in soon, maybe a race next time.

As I said previously, I didn’t take many photos during the game as it was a learning game for my opponent, but next time we play I will try and get a full report done with more photos of the action.

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