A bit of a WW2 clear out…

Hi my name is Mac and I am a wargamer and I have a problem…  

Wargamers Anonymous is something that is probably needed for a lot of people in this hobby, I know a lot of wargaming friends that could use some help and that does include me 😉

I have been collecting figures for this hobby for more years than I wish to remember and I have been collecting for many many wargames systems and my 20mm WW2 is just one of these collections, and well I realized I have not played with many of these figures and vehicles for a good few years!

So I felt it was time that I had… another “sort out” and really slimmed my collection down, if I don’t use them why am I keeping them! ( this is something that my Mrs says often… )

So I thought that I would start with my 20mm WW2 Germans which have been stored in ten A4 file boxes… yep that’s ten boxes ☹

Let me try and explain my use of these figures over the years, first they were used for Rapid Fire and you need a few figures and tanks for that game ( so I am going to blame Phil for this as he started me playing Rapid Fire a few years back )

Over recent years I have started to mainly play games like Iron Cross and Bolt Action where you don’t use as many figures and tanks, although I have done on that rare occasion when playing that really big game on a big table with a few friends.

Then you have small skirmish games that I love playing and of course the latest game I have been trying, the USE ME rules which again doesn’t really use as much stuff as some of the older games I have played.

So this is why I have found myself in the position that I am now in, my WW2 games seem to be getting smaller!

So here is what my German stuff looks like on the table…

Yep far too much to use in the games that I play now, so after a little bit of cutting away of the stuff that is either excess to my needs or I am not going to use again this is what I am left with and it all fits into five A4 file boxes.

Fallschirmjager with MMG’s and Mortar support
Four squads of German infantry with Hanomag transports and HQ ( with a mortar )
Recce vehicles
German captured French tanks?
Lots of engineers includng flame throwers, MMG’s and Panzerschreck teams with an assortment of Hanomag varients and two Maultier heavy Half-tracks ( I think )
Four mortars for some support
Some artillery including an 88
A 75mm leIG 18 light artillery piece for a little infantry support and a couple of AT guns
A selection of tanks with a couple of StuG’s and a Wirbelwind? ( quad 20mm Flak 38s )
Panzer III’s
Some more anti aircraft guns
A selection of Self-Propelled Artillery
A couple of big ARV’s
A few spare vehicles

Not bad and still gives me lots of choices for my games.

I still have a box full of unmade 20mm German vehicles / guns / infantry so I guess those will go as well.

There are still a few vehicles and maybe big guns that may be taken out from these later as they have only ever been used as either objectives in a game or just as scenery to make the table look better which seems a bit of a waste.

And finally just as a comparison here are all my 20mm WW2 British, I am not sure I will ever use that many tanks but I guess it is like my Germans it gives me lots of options, and these fit into only four A4 file boxes so don’t do not take up a lot of space.

There are several unpainted / part painted figures amongst both forces so I guess that will be one of my next jobs to finish them.

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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac,

    Wow, that’s a LOT of stuff for just one force for one game setting! I’ve cut back a bit on my stuff of late – lots of the less used (as in almost never played/used) went in the last month or so – and I still have a hefty load to deal with.

    I store most of my stuff in 10L Really Useful Boxes – I have a stack of about 18 so far, plus the largest items like the Ratte ended up under the bed (where it’s bowing the base board – it’s a resin breeze-block of a miniature!)
    But my FT stuff is still in 5 drawers. I reckon each drawer holds 1.5 of the Really Useful Boxes worth of stuff, so it’s another 7-9 10L boxes to find.

    It helps that I focussed on 15mm for sci-fi/WW2, but even so I have waaaay too much stuff!

  2. Mac

    Hi Vic,

    Yeah there was a little more than I had realised, but now I have taken out all the unneeded stuff it looks a lot better.
    My excuse is that with the 20mm stuff I have been collecting for a very long time.
    What is weird though is the British didn’t have any where near as much as the Germans!

    I keep most of my figures and vehicles and now lots of spaceships in A4 file boxes.

    Talking about spaceships, I thought I had a problem, damn that is a lot of ships!! and I thought I had too many ;O)


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