3D 6mm scenery finished

I spend a little while today painting up the 3D printed scenery I printed out a few days ago, this post is just a quick run though of what I did to get them up to table top ready.

First off I stuck the prints to some 1.5mm plasticard cut to give bases for the scenery, I then added some small pieces of thin card ( cereal box ) to the bases to represent some sort of walkways.

I then added some very fine sand to the base, this sand is really fine as these pieces of scenery are meant for 6mm figures I didn’t want big lumps or stones on the bases.

I then primed the bases with a Vallejo Surface Primer German Dark Yellow ( this is the colour I have used on all my other sci-fi scenery as a base coat ) and then I used Vallejo Surface Primer Black on the card and the 3D scenery.

Next I lightly drybrushed all the black areas with Army Painter Gun Metal.

Then I added some Army Painter Quickshade Soft Tone Wash around all the 3D printed scenery and around the tiles, also picking out a few rough areas in the sand.

I then drybrushed all the sand areas with Model Color Buff, when this was dry I added a light drybrush using Model Air White ( it was the first white I found! )

Next I painted on some Vallejo Desert Dust Model Wash on some of the walkways and on some of the top areas of the 3D scenery, giving the whole place a dusty look.

The last thing I did was to add a few desert looking tufts.

I think these pieces of scenery will look great on the table when playtesting with my new rules with my 6mm sci-fi figures.

I have already done one extra single storage tank ( seen in the pictures above ) and another section of walls ( still to paint ) adding all this new scenery to the one or two pieces I already have for this scale gaming I should have enough for a fairly good table layout to play on.

Next up on the painting table is the same set but this time in 15mm…

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  1. Mac

    Hi Zac,

    Yeah 6mm walls are very very thin!! so they are super reinforced heavy concrete walls 😉

    I could have scratch built some really thin walls for the models to hide behind, but my printer struggles with very thin items.

    If any one prints these they can resize before they print if they want thin walls.


      • Mac

        Hi Zac,

        Oooops! my bad… they are the same colour as all the metal of the storage tanks and the walkways, but they can easily be made lighter.

        The 15mm scenery I have done in the past was covered in a sand / dust layer which does make them a lot lighter, I did this with these 6mm scenery but it doesn’t really make much of a difference so I may give them a light dry brush with a sand or dust colour to lighten them a little.


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