1. Doug

    Interesting to see Bolt action in 20mm .
    I intend to try out Africa Korps v 8th Army .
    Cheeper and space friendly when yo have a smaller table .Are there any drawbacks in using 20mm ?

    • Mac

      Hi Doug,
      I don’t find any drawbacks in using 20mm figures in Bolt Action, in fact it seems ( to me anyway ) better!

      I have seen some people alter the rules slightly for the smaller scale, things like adjusting the ranges and movement, but I never do, I think it all works well in 20mm.

      But I guess if you use a play area smaller than a 6ft x 4ft table then you may have to change the ranges down a little, what I have seen done is change the ranges to centimetres ( I don’t know if this works or not, or if it effects the game play at all )

      I do play using 28mm figures as well, but my forces in that scale are slightly limited in numbers and variety unlike with my 20mm stuff where I have loads and as you say it is cheaper in 20mm, oh and I also have a load of terrain in that scale


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