15mm Sci-fi Desert Scenery

Well as promised here are some shots of my 15mm sci-fi desert buildings, although nothing much sci-fi about them yet!!

Taken with some 15mm WW2 tanks for size comparison, these were done for a Flames of War demo I did a while back, all the buildings were built and painted over one weekend.

There are six buildings so far, two small and four larger ones, plus two wells ( I did two small very small villages for the FoW demos ) but I will add to these maybe two or three more, and the next buildings will have some “sci-fi” bits added to them, metal vents, pipes etc.

I will also be adding some walls / fences and lots of scatter terrain, I do like scatter terrain I think it makes the table look much better.

I also have many palm trees, over a hundred, I know this terrain is meant for sci-fi but who says that on that far distant alien planet they wouldn’t have trees that look like palm trees in their deserts…

Any way here are a few photos of the buildings.

A quick shot of a few 15mm sci-fi figures… all unpainted at the moment!!

I have a big selection of old river sections which I am going to use for the sci-fi table, but I can’t make my mind up how yet.

Obviously, I don’t want to use them as rivers in the desert, and they are meant for 28mm figures, so my thoughts are either paint them and use them as an old dry river bed, or as an old dusty road!

Oh well I think that I may just paint it up to fit in with the desert stuff first and see what it looks like before making my mind up, I do know to make it into an old road I will need to do more work on it than if I just leave it as a dry river bed…

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