Somewhere in France…

I had a great game of Bolt Action Thursday evening, a friend came around with his British force and I put together German force to meet them. The battle was set to take place at a strategic section of road somewhere in France and sometime after D-Day ( the forces in the battle were not taken from [Read more...]

Bolt Action pin markers…

I have a problem with too many counters for wounds and pins etc. on a wargames table, they spoil the look of a good table, and always look a bit odd in photos, maybe it’s my OCD kicking in but I really don’t like them, I have been using coloured tiddly-winks and have really hated them. So, I [Read more...]

15mm Sci-Fi figures and Rules.

“Doctor I think I may have a problem...” Oh dear my latest project, loads of 15mm sci-fi figures… actually over 200 figures and then the vehicles and tanks. Why do we wargamers do it, this is a huge project that will take me ages to complete, I have far too many projects on the go [Read more...]

Some drilling done!

Well its been a few days since I have managed to get anything “Hobby” related done, the most I have managed to do is to put down a few notes for a new spaceship for Stars & Lasers and some ideas for two more scenarios. Again, these scenarios will at least in the initial ideas and background [Read more...]