Stars & Lasers Colony Spaceships Supplement

Well illness has slowed things down slightly, but I am glad to say the “Colony Spaceships” supplement for Stars & Lasers is finally finished.–Lasers-Colony-Spaceships Hopefully I have managed to find all the typos and correct them, and haven’t missed anything thing out from the final PDF, so what will you find in this supplement? … [Read more…]

Stars & Lasers, are smaller ships better?

What a fun and cinematic game, like a battle scene from Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica, it was very exciting! Forces were – Mine – Battleships + turret and railgun, 3 engineers Fighter Carrier + 3 engineers, 2 fighters, 4 bombers 3 x Frigates My opponents – Fighter Carrier + 3 fighters, 3 bombers 12 … [Read more…]

Two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers!!

I have just released two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers, you can find them in the “free stuff” link. Jump Gate Zero55… This first one is a defence of an important jump gate, can the defenders hold on until help arrives? or will the attackers destroy the enemy’s jump gate before they receive … [Read more…]

Some new ships in the fleet..

Well I finally managed to get some painting done, it’s been a few weeks since I have managed to get the paints out and actually sit and down and do stuff!! So, what did I manage to do? I got some paint on some big boys!! These are now part of my Human Federation ships … [Read more…]

Stars & Lasers new supplement…

I have spent a lot of time over the last few months putting together another supplement for Stars & Lasers. It is at the finishing off stage now, I am adding the last few photos and spell checking for the hundredth time!! The supplement has come about because of a request from someone that plays … [Read more…]

The supply run…

This is a scenario from the Stars & Lasers main rule book called Supply Run, this was my opponents second game, so I thought it would be good to try something different rather than just a meeting engagement. So, I was going to be running the convoy with it’s escorts and my opponent was going … [Read more…]