Two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers!!

Here are two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers.. The first one is “The Ore is ready for the taking…” two factions fight over the mining rights of an ore rich asteroid belt. The second one is “A Vulnerable Lady…” can the lone Battleship survive against the Cruisers hunting her. Although both of these … [Read more…]

Dead Centre… Again!

Dead Centre… Again! This was a re-run of a scenario that I did for Miniature Wargames a while back, two waring factions find a large alien ship hiding within an asteroid field waiting for help to arrive from a rescue force, but before the rescuers arrive the big alien ship dies. The two factions see … [Read more…]

How to rersolve a dispute…

Well Monday’s game seems like a long while ago! Some family came to stay so all things hobby had to be put on the shelf until today, so I have finally managed to get this battle report done. Monday’s game was a try out of a new scenario which is to be released soon, and … [Read more…]

My Bio-Ships had a bad day!!

Ok, now I made this fleet a while back and have played with them many times, they were made to fit the rules I had written for an Alien race of bio-Ships, living vessels, with no real technology, just heavy chitinous armour, and basic weapons ( no lasers ) These things have no shields and … [Read more…]

Another Mixed Bag of Stuff…

Another mixed bag this time mainly because of illness, this has slowed down a lot of projects which is very frustrating. I felt bad all through Salute this year which made the show even harder than usual, so many issues on the Friday afternoon and the Saturday morning I was surprised that the show managed … [Read more…]

Stars & Lasers Colony Spaceships Supplement

Well illness has slowed things down slightly, but I am glad to say the “Colony Spaceships” supplement for Stars & Lasers is finally finished.–Lasers-Colony-Spaceships Hopefully I have managed to find all the typos and correct them, and haven’t missed anything thing out from the final PDF, so what will you find in this supplement? … [Read more…]