ACW river engagement…

I had a great fun game on Monday night, a friend and I played another game of my new ACW Ironclad rules set. We just did a simple meeting engagement on a stretch of river somewhere maybe along the Mississippi, we used about 1500 points per side, the list of ships was – The Union … [Read more…]

Another Mixed Bag of Stuff…

Another mixed bag this time mainly because of illness, this has slowed down a lot of projects which is very frustrating. I felt bad all through Salute this year which made the show even harder than usual, so many issues on the Friday afternoon and the Saturday morning I was surprised that the show managed … [Read more…]

Running the blockade..

Sorry for the slight delay in getting this report up on the site, but illness has been a bit of a problem this last week… I had an excellent game / playtest of my new rules for ACW river battles, it was great fun even though I lost again! We decided just to run a … [Read more…]

Messing about on the river… with ACW ironclads.

I think these have been the hardest models I have ever painted!!! Well actually that’s needs clarifying… Ok the models were easy very easy, really quick paint job, fairly good finish, and they should look great on the table, but the bases are another thing, they were the hardest things I have ever painted, and … [Read more…]

Some old buildings and some new ships…

I found a couple of spare hours over the Christmas break so started going through a couple of boxes of half-finished projects and came across some buildings I had started making a while back, these buildings were for me to use with my 20mm WW2 figures. I found that I needed more buildings to finish … [Read more…]