15mm Sci-Fi figures and Rules.

“Doctor I think I may have a problem…” Oh dear my latest project, loads of 15mm sci-fi figures… actually over 200 figures and then the vehicles and tanks. Why do we wargamers do it, this is a huge project that will take me ages to complete, I have far too many projects on the go … [Read more…]

The Hive Mind is looking for resources…

The thing that the Reformers need to keep going and expanding is resources, and that normally means destroyed ships to consume. They use the raw material they get from these ships and turn it into more ships for the Hive, but first they need to destroy these ships… The Hive Mind received news from its … [Read more…]

Some drilling done!

Well its been a few days since I have managed to get anything “Hobby” related done, the most I have managed to do is to put down a few notes for a new spaceship for Stars & Lasers and some ideas for two more scenarios. Again, these scenarios will at least in the initial ideas … [Read more…]

An ACW game of find the lady…

Yes that’s right, an ACW game of find the lady… although in this case it was find the President!! Mr Abraham Lincoln was travelling along what should have been a safe river when his convoy runs into a Confederate patrol, the Union ships try to make a run past these two ships but they run … [Read more…]

ACW river engagement…

I had a great fun game on Monday night, a friend and I played another game of my new ACW Ironclad rules set. We just did a simple meeting engagement on a stretch of river somewhere maybe along the Mississippi, we used about 1500 points per side, the list of ships was – The Union … [Read more…]

Two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers!!

Here are two more free scenarios for Stars & Lasers.. The first one is “The Ore is ready for the taking…” two factions fight over the mining rights of an ore rich asteroid belt. The second one is “A Vulnerable Lady…” can the lone Battleship survive against the Cruisers hunting her. Although both of these … [Read more…]