How to rersolve a dispute…

Well Monday’s game seems like a long while ago! Some family came to stay so all things hobby had to be put on the shelf until today, so I have finally managed to get this battle report done. Monday’s game was a try out of a new scenario which is to be released soon, and … [Read more…]

My Bio-Ships had a bad day!!

Ok, now I made this fleet a while back and have played with them many times, they were made to fit the rules I had written for an Alien race of bio-Ships, living vessels, with no real technology, just heavy chitinous armour, and basic weapons ( no lasers ) These things have no shields and … [Read more…]

15mm Sci-fi Desert Scenery

Well as promised here are some shots of my 15mm sci-fi desert buildings, although nothing much sci-fi about them yet!! Taken with some 15mm WW2 tanks for size comparison, these were done for a Flames of War demo I did a while back, all the buildings were built and painted over one weekend. There are … [Read more…]

Another Mixed Bag of Stuff…

Another mixed bag this time mainly because of illness, this has slowed down a lot of projects which is very frustrating. I felt bad all through Salute this year which made the show even harder than usual, so many issues on the Friday afternoon and the Saturday morning I was surprised that the show managed … [Read more…]

Stars & Lasers Colony Spaceships Supplement

Well illness has slowed things down slightly, but I am glad to say the “Colony Spaceships” supplement for Stars & Lasers is finally finished.–Lasers-Colony-Spaceships Hopefully I have managed to find all the typos and correct them, and haven’t missed anything thing out from the final PDF, so what will you find in this supplement? … [Read more…]

Stars & Lasers, are smaller ships better?

What a fun and cinematic game, like a battle scene from Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica, it was very exciting! Forces were – Mine – Battleships + turret and railgun, 3 engineers Fighter Carrier + 3 engineers, 2 fighters, 4 bombers 3 x Frigates My opponents – Fighter Carrier + 3 fighters, 3 bombers 12 … [Read more…]